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Synonyms for germination

the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow

the origin of some development

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In their new research, the scientists report discovery of an inhibitor compound that may block the action of the stimulator, preventing germination of seeds.
Results of the research show that the germination and early growth of the seed can be modified by adding silicon nanoparticles to the seeds or through the application of coating on the seeds by activating defensive systems.
Carrot usually bud out in 7-8 days, however, germination could be speedier than this if seed is kept in water for 12-24 hours before sowing.
Washing and chilling are standard procedures which have been used to enhance the germination of dormant seeds [19].
We hypothesized that the distribution of these species would be correlated with their germination patterns.
In arid and semiarid environments, seed germination and seedling establishment are infrequent because of extreme temperatures and low water availability (Flores and Jurado, 2003; Flores et al.
This is to provide a device for shooting with automatic image analysis to measure the rate of germination and dynamic monitoring whose technical characteristics are shown in CCTP.
Five out of 10 would show a 50 percent germination rate, and eight out of 10 equals 80 percent germination.
He mentioned other reasons as having part of the low germination rate including inappropriate preparation and flattening of land.
com)-- Specialty Enzymes has released a new malting aid product designed to reduce germination time and improve other malt qualities.
Seeds may be stored by farmers in such a way that their levels of germination and vigour are least affected at the time of sowing in the forthcoming or subsequent season(s).
The seed quality was evaluated by a germination (G) test performed with four replicates of 50 seeds per experimental unit.
For example, in Eryngium alpinum partial self-incompatibility causes lower seed set in selfing plants and selfing negatively affects seed mass and germination (Gaudeul & Till-Bottraud, 2003).
It doesn't matter what the weather is like, as long as you have a warm spot for germination and a bright window sill on which the seedlings can grow.
Sprout length, root length, and fresh weight increased with germination time.