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Synonyms for germination

the process whereby seeds or spores sprout and begin to grow

the origin of some development

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Seeds were cleaned, dried and stored until germination trials began in August 2016.
Germination trials were carried out in 100 mm x 15 mm plastic petri dishes lined with Whatman filter paper (Grade 1) saturated in approximately 7 ml of test NaCl solution.
Hydric stress, otherwise, reduces both the percentage and rate of germination events (Bewley & Black, 1985).
The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of osmotic priming on seed germination of Stevia rebaudiana.
Improved seed invigoration treatments (seed priming) are being used to reduce the germination time, to get synchronized germination, improved germination rate, and improved seedling stand in many horticultural (Rudrapal and Nakamura, 1998; Bradford et al.
2013) as well as ameliorated germination and plant vigour.
leucocephala aqueous extract, through the antioxidative enzymes analysis, along with the germination and early growth of the Cucumis sativus (cucumber), due to its characteristic bioindicator species, which presents fast and uniform germination, besides expressing phytotoxicity results even in low concentrations.
01) impact on improving germination was in case of laser of 890 nm using 2-and 4-minutes of exposure time, and 630-680 nm laser using 4-minutes exposure time in both sowing periods.
This study investigated the biological characteristics of large-leaved gentian seeds and the effects of germination temperature, illumination, pretreatment, storage temperature and time on the seed germination by calculating the seed germination rate.
The lack of information about the effects of salinity on germination of algerian cowpea prompted us to study the salt tolerance levels of five populations (EK1, TZ7, A17, B23 and IS13) of cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.
Further complicating issues related to orchid conservation are the highly complex ecological requirements of orchid seed germination, which make propagation of germplasm for population augmentations and restoration efforts particularly difficult.
For the germination test, the seeds were disinfected after immersion, for 2 min, in a 2% sodium hypochlorite solution and then washed in running water for 5 min.
The propagation of the pomegranate can be done by seeds, since it is an economical and practical method, but the germination is considered slow, uneven and irregular, due to the presence of the sarcotesta that surrounds the seeds and present in their constitution phenolic compounds, anthocyanins and tannins (NODA et al.
In a pot study, the phytotoxic potential of sorghum and sunflower shoot and root on germination and seedling growth of cotton was evaluated through soil incorporation of powders and spray of water extracts.
The majority of forest species have seeds, which go through periods of dormancy hindering the production of seedlings for nurseries--mainly due to the lack of uniformity and long germination periods (COELHO et al.