stratum basale

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the innermost layer of the epidermis

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D: Germinal layer membranes in endobag after extraction
The characteristic laminated membrane (L) and germinal layer (G) are illustrated; a scolex (S) is noted in the center of the field.
The cysts removed during surgery were confirmed to be of hydatid cyst aetiology by histopathological evidence of germinal layer and by demonstration of scolices and hooklets in the aspirated HCF.
Daughter cyst formation may develop from the inner germinal layer in the cyst cavity or exogenously.
Immunohistochemical examination with a monoclonal antibody against echinococcal cytoskeleton protein EM10 (8) showed staining of the germinal layer and protoscolices of E.
Morphological analysis of Testicular tissue: We also studied the morphology of the cross sectional structure of testicles of normal follicles with intact germinal layer and leydig cell and the results showed complete destruction of leydig cells partially damaged germinal layer and destruction of sperms leading to empty spaces in the lumen of follicle of testicles in which 30% destruction of follicle was observed in the group at 30 day after the administration of K2Cr2O7 and 35% destruction of follicle was observed in the group at 30th day after administration the MgSO4 (Fig.
It has parasite-derived layers: an inner nucleated germinal layer and an outer acellular laminated layer surrounded by a host-derived fibrous capsule.
Sections were stained with haematoxylin and eosin method which revealed eosinophilic laminated cyst wall with the germinal layer having the scolices some attached to it and some lying free in the lumen (Figure 2A, B).
The cyst wall had an outer laminated hya-line membrane and inner germinal layer containing nuclei in an eosionophilic protoplasmic mass.
Calcareous corpuscles are abundant in the germinal layer and in the protoscolices of E.
Histopathological examination demonstrated a germinal layer, lamellated ecto cyst with fibrous outer layer (Fig.
Tumors with tissue from only one germinal layer in the orbit, i.
Daughter cysts are seen as cystic structures attached to the germinal layer that are hypointense relative to the intracystic fluid on T1W images and hyperintense on T2W images.
The innermost germinal layer gives rise to the scolices.
Mature teratomas are designated grade 0, displaying mature and well-differentiated tissues belonging to all three germinal layers.