stratum basale

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the innermost layer of the epidermis

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The characteristic laminated membrane (L) and germinal layer (G) are illustrated; a scolex (S) is noted in the center of the field.
The cysts removed during surgery were confirmed to be of hydatid cyst aetiology by histopathological evidence of germinal layer and by demonstration of scolices and hooklets in the aspirated HCF.
It has parasite-derived layers: an inner nucleated germinal layer and an outer acellular laminated layer surrounded by a host-derived fibrous capsule.
Calcareous corpuscles are abundant in the germinal layer and in the protoscolices of E.
Arising from all 3 germinal layers, teratomas are heterogeneous masses that may be intracranial or extracranial.
5) In the case presented here, all 3 germinal layers were represented.
The company reports that during the past 2 years its scientists have successfully differentiated the cloned MLPCs into tissues representative of the 3 germinal layers, including neural stem cells, nerve cells, liver/pancreas precursors, skeletal muscle, fat cells, bone cells and blood vessels.
Figure 3 demonstrates the tumor histology, which shows derivatives of all 3 germinal layers.