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membranous tissue covering internal organs and other internal surfaces of the body

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1A, B, and C), the results showed that immunoreactivity of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins seems to be positive to both germinal epithelium and interstitial tissues with three different magnifications (Fig.
Key words: Cadmium, Cinnamon, Testes, Toxicity, Germinal epithelium, Johnson's score.
Examination of the testes: In order to characterize morphological changes, testicular germ and somatic structures for each fish, the diameter of 20 seminiferous tubules (Dst) and the height of the germinal epithelium (Hge) were measured, and the gonadosomatic index GSI = WG/WT(100) and the gonad volume gV = 4/3 [pi]a2.
PAS-Iron Haematoxylin-stained 5mm thick testicular sections in Group A animals showed that seminiferous tubules had even diameters within the section, lined by stratified germinal epithelium with intact basement membrane.
Considerable evidence suggests that depletion of germinal epithelium leads to decrease in secretion of "INHIBIN" from Sertoli cells with subsequent elevation of serum FSH levels.
Histological variations: Histological variations including diameter of seminiferous tubules and its lumen, thickness of germinal epithelium and diameter of leydig cells showed significantly (Pless than 0.
Ogawa observed damage to blood capillaries in the testes, leading to testicular hemorrhage, loss of continuity of germinal epithelium and interstitial fibrosis in mice with a high dose of cadmium chloride (10 mg/kg).
Results related to oocyte diameter, antral follicles, corpus luteum and the germinal epithelium Average oocyte diameter decreased significantly in diabetic rats as compared to diabetic + extract of Artemisia 300mg/kg show.
Six-mo-old animals showed initial development of germinal epithelium, whereas at 12 mo of age, the gonad cavity was visible.
Testes analysis under optical microscopy demonstrated that the structure of seminiferous tubules showed morphological integrity in the groups NANE (Figure 1 A) and NAWE (Figure 1 B), characterized by the presence of several cell layers in the germinal epithelium and spermatozoa in the lumen.
Three stages were noted in the testicular cycle: 1) spermiogenesis, the seminiferous tubules were lined by sperm or clusters of metamorphosing spermatids; 2) regressed, seminiferous tubules contain mainly spermatogonia and Sertoli cells; and 3) early recrudescence, proliferation of germinal epithelium for the first period of sperm formation evidenced by increased numbers of spermatogonia.
Three stages in the testicular cycle (Table 1) were present: (1) regressed (= quiescence), seminiferous tubules contain Sertoli cells and spermatogonia; (2) recrudescence (= recovery), proliferation of cells in the germinal epithelium is in progress, primary, secondary spermatocytes and, in some cases, spermatids are present; (3) spermiogenesis (= sperm production), lumina of seminiferous tubules lined by spermatozoa; clusters of metamorphosing spermatids are present.
Suprasellar germ cell tumors presumably develop from ectopic germinal epithelium, whereas in humans, craniopharyngiomas presumably derive from remnants of Rathke[acute accent]s pouch (HAWKINS et al.
Briefly, the oocytes in holothurians are initially present as epithelial cells in the germinal epithelium and then bulge into the hemal sinus as they enlarge.