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an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

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The five subclasses of urinary tract agents are analgesics, antispasmodics, urinary acidifiers, urinary alkalinizers, and urinary germicides.
BARO have researched and developed the UV Germicide Irradiation (UVGI) technique, culminating in the design of a range of systems that are effective for use throughout the food hygiene chain and in most food sectors such as Meat, Dairy, Bread, Fresh Cut and Transportation.
Innate resistance of those microorganisms to the inactivating effects of the germicide
It is unknown how keyboards and keyboard covers should be disinfected, since there's "just no data" on how frequent germicide use might impact their durability, circuitry, and electronics, he said in a telephone interview following the meeting.
10) If a suspension of living brucellae is spilled and the organism is recognized, the entire laboratory should be immediately evacuated, doors should be shut, and an effective germicide such as 3% phenol or 10% bleach should be applied by a trained person wearing a safety mask, goggles, an impermeable laboratory gown, and gloves (7).
Deodorants prevent odor formation by using a germicide to kill the odor-forming bacteria, usually along with a perfume to provide a pleasant odor.
Called UDDERgold Dry, the vibrant orange teat sealant combines a strong germicide with a polymer barrier coating and is effective sealing the teat for up to seven days after application during which period it cannot be flushed out by leaking milk.
Solvents break down the mold membrane walls so that the germicide can attack and kill the spores.
It is also a powerful germicide which has been used in medicine for years,and is so dangerous that it would tear your lungs apart if you inhaled large quantities.
It is, it seems, but a short step from germicide to genocide.
This is also true during transport, when Fresenius fills its dialysis machines with a mixture of glycerol and water with a germicide.
The plant uses soda hypochlorite as a germicide, and polyaluminum chloride in separating water and mud.
Tea tree oil is soothing and has a topical anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect as well as being a broad-spectrum fungicide, germicide and antibacterial agent.
Emil Klarmann, Formula L-F: A New Antiseptic and Germicide, (Lehn & Fink Inc.
For large spills involving blood or other human secretions or excretions, the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Infectious Diseases recommends a freshly prepared solution of dilute (1:64) household bleach (V4 cup diluted in one gallon of water) or other chemical germicide be used as a disinfectant.