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an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

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Investigators then conducted an experiment to see whether two quaternary ammonium-based germicides commonly used in health care settings could eliminate bacterial contamination on keyboards and keyboard covers.
Hobson's Derma Zema Ointment is lauded in its ad as a germicide and antiseptic to use for itchy or otherwise irritated skin, and as "Good also for chapped hands and face bruises, burns, chafing athlete's foot [and] rectal applications" (44).
The plant uses soda hypochlorite as a germicide, and polyaluminum chloride in separating water and mud.
But, in reality, it is "a feeble germicide," with "minimal tissue penetration; it cannot even get to the bacteria that causes a wound infection.
Emil Klarmann, Formula L-F: A New Antiseptic and Germicide, (Lehn & Fink Inc.
For large spills involving blood or other human secretions or excretions, the American Academy of Pediatrics' Committee on Infectious Diseases recommends a freshly prepared solution of dilute (1:64) household bleach (V4 cup diluted in one gallon of water) or other chemical germicide be used as a disinfectant.
Contract awarded for "disinfectant, deodorant, bactericide and germicide with benzalkonium chloride, notifenol, fragrance, coloring and demineralized water
2] suggested adding a suitable germicide in vase solution can prevent the growth of microbes and increased water uptake.
Chloramine-T which is used outside the United States as a disinfectant can be used for many different applications such as an algaecide, bactericide, germicide, parasite control, and for water disinfection.
Innate resistance of those microorganisms to the inactivating effects of the germicide
Choosing a disinfectant depends upon the nature of the item to be disinfected, the concentration of microorganisms present, the innate resistance of those microorganisms, the type and concentration of germicide, the duration and temperature of contact, and other factors specific to manufacturer's instructions.
It is, it seems, but a short step from germicide to genocide.
Malkyl is a steriliser, bactericide, germicide, fungicide, algicide and disinfectant with a Rideal Walker value of 75 and pH value of 7.
4] No single class of germicide can disinfect all microbes.