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preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms

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Visit the Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Market 2013-2020 report https://www.
Sterile-Aire High Energy Germicidal UVC Solutions for HVAC and AC provide biofilm destruction, improved system performance and up to 99.
This commercial germicidal IAQ product is suited for hospitals, schools, and office buildings.
High-efficiency air filters and germicidal lights are ideal for lowering allergen levels.
PDI's Sani-Cloth AF Germicidal Wipe is the first and only alcohol-free germicidal wipe on the market that kills at least 25 bugs (including multi-drug resistant organisms) in only three minutes for fast patient room turnover.
The pre-moistened Kimtech One-Step Germicidal Wipe is dispensed as ready-to-use individual sheets.
The interior, plenums and shelving are constructed of inCu saFe, germicidal copper-enriched stainless steel.
At levels 3000x as germicidal as chlorine, ozone water not only makes food safer, it's better for the environment.
The category, initially popularized by Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze products, which use electrostatic technology to weigh down airborne particles, is moving in a germicidal direction.
Those concerned that HEPA filters might not be efficient enough to remove all airborne irritants can install germicidal ultraviolet lamps in residents' rooms, according to Shagott.
DRISTEEM's Ultraviolet Germicidal Systems provide an effective mold treatment by combining ultraviolet intensity and variable exposure time.
When my patients become ill from pesticide spraying, they usually do not head for an emergency room, where they typically experience long waits in an environment containing germicidal residue, scented products, carbonless copy paper, hospital linens with heavy fabric softener, and other exposures.
Around 70% of the light emitted from this lamp is UV-C radiation with a wavelength of around 254 nanometers--light that has germicidal properties, and, at proper intensities, can render bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens harmless.
Starna Industries Ltd has produced a new germicidal UV technology for food manufacturing.