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free from germs or pathogenic organisms

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Duke Raleigh worked with Germfree, the Florida manufacturer of the turnkey mobile USP 797 pharmacy-cleanroom.
For example, we worked with Canada's biocontainment engineers to greatly reduce energy consumption," said Jeff Serle, General Manager of Germfree, the Florida-based biocontainment company.
As a further test, Brucker gave the unexpectedly alive germfree hybrids some of the gut bacteria that hybrids normally have.
Mutants of Streptococcus suis types 1 and 2 impaired in expression of muramidase-released protein and extracellular protein induce disease in newborn germfree pigs.
Just a bottle a month will clean, freshen and maintain the dishwasher to get clean and germfree dishes.
who decided to create a product that would leave floors clean, germfree and dry without the need to wash floors several times a day.
Stay germfree by washing up after you hit the restroom and all public or people-filled places, like the mall or the locker room.
For example, the villi of the small intestine are longer; crypts are shorter and contain fewer cells in germfree mice than in age-matched conventional animals (39).
The process uses only water, heat and a patented technology to produce a clean, germfree surface without chemicals.
The recipient left a germfree room in an intensive care unit for a normal hospital room on Thursday last week.
Well, he had created a germfree environment, anyway; after him others would surely be able to introduce many more improvements, but he had at least proved there was a different way.
Seth is undergoing treatment in Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary's germfree Bubble Unit while he prepares for the operation that doctors hope will kick start his immune system.
Manufactured by Germfree, the facility was provided by Canada to CARPHA in cooperation with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)/World Health Organization (WHO).
But germfree mice that were then colonized with intestinal bacteria quickly developed the disease, the team found.