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a brittle grey crystalline element that is a semiconducting metalloid (resembling silicon) used in transistors

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At that time, germanium was almost unknown in Japan and totally unknown in the Western world; but my intuition told me that what we had here was a miraculous compound that will soon be adopted in most countries.
In our present work we study structural, electronic and optical properties of pure silicon and germanium quantum dots as well as examine ways for optimal "band gap engineering" (band gap adjustment to desired values) of SiGe quantum dots.
Charged particles move through germanium more readily than they do through silicon, making germanium a good material for electronics.
Germanium has also proven to absorb a lot more light than other materials, which means smaller quantities can be used.
Germanium in minerals reveals distinct affinity to deep crust elements, like Li, Rb, Tl, and Ga, what reinforces hypothesis of deep crust Ge-origin in waters.
IBM has shipped the 100 millionth chip made with silicon germanium (SiGe), a technology pioneered by IBM that is revolutionizing the design of cell phones and other wireless electronic products.
The integrated circuit is based on silicon germanium chip-making technology and will be used in data communications equipment like switches and routers that are used in optical communication networks, IBM said.
They will be built using IBM's silicon germanium process technology, and will be used for mobile networked communication systems.
Nei Mongol Coalfield Geology Bureau has discovered a large germanium deposit at Xilinhaote in Nei Mongol.
has introduced its new SDS(R) Safe Delivery Source(R) product for ion implantation utilizing Germanium Tetrafluoride (GeF4).
Although the pace of silicon integrated circuits development had been incredible in the past four decades, it has received a new boost from an "old defeated rival", namely germanium.
But what about coenzyme Q10, superoxide dismutase, tyrosine, germanium, ginseng, quercetin, carnitine, and dozens of herbs, glandular extracts, amino acids, and nucleic acids?
A: A grayish metallic element found in coal, germanium is being advertised as a virtual cure-all, but there's no scientific evidence that it cures anything.