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Synonyms for germane

Synonyms for germane

related to the matter at hand

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relevant and appropriate

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However, those who either object to ever being a member or who were once members and then later resign must pay MNA an amount equal to the percentage of dues paid my members of MNA which are germane to collective bargaining process.
For much the same reason that an amended claim is required to be germane to the original claim, absent such a principle a taxpayer could amend any refund claim in perpetuity.
Guiding readers through a all the germane issues for watering, fertilizing, pruning, repotting, and propagating plants suitable for a miniature garden, Tabletop Gardens deftly reveals a remarkable understanding of the exotic flowerings and plants that it contains.
Wetherell, Architecture, Town Planning And Community: Selected Writings And Public Talks By Cecil Burgess, 1909-1946 is an outstandingly collection of many speeches and documents germane to this dedicated architect's life work and accomplishments.
Issues germane to the prolongation of parental roles, midlife mothering and unpaid work are also highlighted.
Seasoned Rondinone watchers will recall that his fiberglass clowns go barefoot, and that their other characteristics are proneness, an exposed navel (behind which, one should note, is the location of the human body's center of gravity), and a serene expression that suggests Bruce Nauman's circus performers--the undisguised reference--having made peace with the round of meaningless repetitions germane to life itself.
The contributors address such germane issues as sex, loneliness, motherhood, financial struggles, blossoming careers, menopause, and more.
Effective quotes from famous people in different fields begin each chapter, and there are also germane quotes from the author's colleagues and friends.
has created a new category: a sourcebook that collects primary materials germane to an individual state.
Football season is far enough in the past that there is little point in belaboring the conduct and tactics of Mike Martz, but one more comment might be germane.
It forces me to ask 'What is germane about the piece?
Apart from them, Langston's only feelings of affection are directed toward her dog, Germane.
In this effort, the book consists of topic areas that are germane to the lives of persons with MS.
It was a lively and interactive group which prompted us to field many good questions germane to security assistance.