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Synonyms for germane

Synonyms for germane

related to the matter at hand

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relevant and appropriate

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In addition to other avenues of relief available under the law, a non-member may challenge MNA's classification or calculation of expenditures used by MNA to determine the percentage of chargeable expenses germane to the collective-bargaining process before a neutral arbitrator appointed by the American Arbitration Association pursue to its Rules for Impartial Determination of Union Fees.
6511(a), it needs to be germane to the original claim and presented before the original claim is resolved in order for the IRS to consider it timely.
The six-justice majority found the standard of germane speech "unworkable" in the context of student speech at a university, particularly where the state undertakes to stimulate the whole universe of speech and ideas.
Their relationship will develop in a responsible manner germane to both the character and the allegorical nature of the show.
These findings are germane to concerns raised in connection with Social Security reform plans that include individual accounts.
These liability concepts are particularly germane to long term care providers moving into cyberspace.
If a campfire is germane to your setting, it can be the focal point of the rally.
AOL (UK) told ComputerWire that lawyers from both parties are currently in out-of-court discussions to resolves "issues not germane to the original allegation.
It is seen as germane only to the problems facing African-Americans--a `special interest' group .
The sire of Bin Rosie and Germane is joining Manila, Mujtahid and Shining Steel at the Turkish Jockey Club in a deal arranged by Jean-Pierre Deroubaix and Andrew Sime.
On the negative side, the credits are much too long, lasting more than five minutes after the 27-minute presentation, and the hymn sung at both the opening and the closing is pleasant but extraneous, not at all germane to the topic.
The text is sensitively written and the photos of pots and potters are both germane and aesthetic.
Exemplary of problems relating to medical care in the nursing home, and germane to the issue of urinary incontinence, are two studies which measured how frequently urinary incontinence was recorded as a medical problem in the days before OBRA '87.
That question is, it seems to me, particularly germane to people interested in natural resources-in the environment, agriculture, and forestry.
Although I believe those principles--which relate basically to how fiscal policy can best contribute to the achievement of productivity, growth, and higher living standards--are germane at all times, they may be particularly important in today's economic circumstances.