germ warfare

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the use of harmful bacteria as a weapon

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Four Hong Kong groups protested Wednesday against a Japanese court's verdict that rejected demands from 180 Chinese plaintiffs for government compensation for Japan's wartime germ warfare atrocities.
Ken Alibek, a former Soviet authority on germ warfare, told surprised US senators heat and moisture would kill spores.
However, US investigators probing the September 11 terrorist attacks have found magazines relating to germ warfare at the home of two men arrested soon after the suicide hijackings.
The lawsuit was filed with the Tokyo District Court in 1997 and 1999 by 180 victims of the Imperial Japanese Army's germ warfare and their families, each demanding 10 million yen in damages.
But there have been real germ warfare attacks across the US.
ARMY top-brass have carpeted blundering officer and SNP defence spokesman Stuart Crawford for backing germ warfare.
Their beige Mercedes, sealed in plastic, was hauled off to a military base for tests to confirm whether the material carried inside was the germ warfare agent.
Last November the Government issued GPs, hospital doctors and ambulance and public health workers with a guide to germ warfare which included ricin.
Japanese researchers announced Wednesday that they made a video copy of film footage in Pyongyang indicating the United States conducted germ warfare against China and North Korea during the Korean War.
It is a reminder that there are now no tactics too foul for the terror-masters and germ warfare cannot be ruled out.
One of the greatest fears about a future military conflict is that germ warfare will be used.
Last night, he refused to speak about his germ warfare plan.
Increasingly fearful of the threats posed by germ warfare, the Pentagon announced Monday that it would vaccinate every member of the armed services against anthrax, one of the deadliest biological agents known.
Health Minister John Hutton insists PowderJect was the only firm which could make the required strain of the vaccine and that the deal had to be kept secret because of the threat of germ warfare.