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a pore in the outer wall of a spore or pollen grain through which the germ tube or pollen tube makes its exit on germination

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5 um, apex rounded, germ pores 2 and equatorial; Pedicel hyaline, 10-47.
5 um thick, light brown to reddish brown, smooth, germ pores equatorial and 1-2.
7); wall chestnut brown or paler, smooth, 2-3 um thick, not constricted at the septum, spherical at both ends, germ pores 2, upper cell possess apical and lower cell possess near or adjacent to pedicel; papilla hyaline or light brown, 4-6.
However, they differ in the lack of velar remnants on pileus margin, basidiospores slightly smaller with a reduced germ pore, lack of cheilochrysocystidia, and pileipellis with a thick gelatinized layer (Noordeloos, 2011).
The genus Thielavia is restricted to Pyrenomycetes characterized by non ostiolate ascomata and ascospores with a simple distinct germ pore although C.
Becaus e of its ellipsoidal spore large with elongated germ slits and germ pore which are 32-56 X 7.
5 mm diameter; teliospores ellipsoidal, obtuse above, usually slightly constricted at septum, round or attenuated below, 48-60 x 30-37 [micro]m, wall 3-6 [micro]m thick at sides, up to 6-12 [micro]m thick above, smooth, sienna to umber, germ pores apical; pedicels hyaline, basal, up to 300 [micro]m long.
4: Lucida drawings of Puccinia nitidula (A) Urediniospores showing echinulate ornamentation and germ pores (B) Teliospores showing apical germ pore in distal cell and at the septum or near the pedicel in proximal cell.
3 um thick, minutely verrucose at the apex; germ pore 1 per cell, equatorial; apex 4[?
5-2 (-3) um, echinulate, hyaline; germ pores obscure, 4-9, scattered; paraphyses absent.
5 um thick, echinulate; germ pores upto 8, obscure, scattered; paraphyses capitate, abundant, constricted at the neck, hyaline to light brown, 30-70 um long, apex 10-16 um wide while 5-10 um wide at the base, wall 1-1.
The mature pollen grains contained two cells in mid-May and formed an approximate equilateral triangle with three germ pores (Figs.
The pollen grains are monocolpate and two-celled with three germ pores at shedding.
The ascospores of this fungus consist of ascospores with two germ pores and extruded in a mass or as cirrhi.
bartlettii grows faster than Kernia species, produces elongated asci and larger ascospores with prominent germ pores, and lacks an annellophore conidial state.