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a specialist in gerontology

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This team consists of a geriatrician, a nurse and an occupational therapist.
There is a recognised shortage of geriatricians in the North East already, and this post would be very difficult to fill, especially at a point in time when other consultants are leaving the service at Newcastle General Hospital.
HOSPITAL waiting lists could be slashed if the health needs of older people were properly met, according to a leading NHS geriatrician.
Consultant geriatrician Kenneth McAlpine was suspended from his pounds 65,000- a-year post in 1995.
George Battis, a teaching geriatrician and VP and chief medical director, Securian Financial Group, explains in a video series the effects of longevity and aging and the importance of planning for income that will last throughout several decades or retirement.
The home-care services include a regular visit by a geriatrician.
Dr Amal Al Jazeri, geriatrician and head of elderly care at the centre emphasised the need for greater awareness: "At present, there are 11,400 elders above the age of 65 in Dubai.
The fellowships, under the MMAAP Foundation's Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health, will allow two Chinese geriatrician investigators to receive one-year training at leading US medical institutions in 2014.
In this expanded edition, Blundell (consultant geriatrician, Nottingham U.
of Rochester), an internist, geriatrician, and nursing home practitioner, outlines ways to address the symptoms of dementia without using medication, for those involved in patient care, including nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, medical directors, and administrators, as well as family members and students.
John Rowe, a geriatrician and professor of health policy and management at Columbia University, New York, the interdisciplinary panel declared even the current workforce "not prepared to deliver the best possible care to older patients.
But Nigel Beckett, a geriatrician at Imperial College London, shows this perception may be wrong.
Dr Jeremy Playfer, a geriatrician at the Royal Liverpool hospital and chairman of the British Geriatrics Society, also believes the decision by the Faculty of Medicine not to replace the key academic post is ignoring local medical needs.
Dr Akif Gani, a consultant geriatrician at Newcastle General Hospital, may have to leave the country after his wife and two children were refused an application for residence in Britain.
Colleagues of Bim Bhowmick, consultant geriatrician with the Conwy and Denbighshire NHS Trust, last night praised him for his pioneering work since moving to North Wales in 1974.
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