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slender East African antelope with slim neck and backward-curving horns

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As not to discourage the various interested persons' goodwill, next day I shot another gerenuk of which obviously there were enough in the area.
If African safari takes your fancy, the luxury Sasb Lodge in Samburu offers an authentic safari experience and the chance to get up close and personal with Samburu elephants, zebra, giraffe, oryx, gerenuk and Somali ostrich.
When, on the other hand, the writer and his wife miss a gerenuk because he acknowledges being "scared" of getting too close, Mary insists that it was the hunting that counted, not the killing.
Travel back to the birthplace of African hunting with host Craig Boddington and Leupold's Tom Fruechtel as they journey to the legendary plains of Tanzania on a hunt for some of the area's top trophies to include Thompson's gazelle, gerenuk, eland and more.
cheetah, giraffe, blue-legged ostriches, zebra and plenty of antelope: various gazelles, impala, oryx, waterbuck, tiny dikdik and graceful long-necked gerenuk.
Nursery supervisor Kelley Greene bottle-feeds the newest gerenuk, a 10-day-old baby antelope, with a midafternoon snack of goat milk.
Samburu Reserve and Meru National Park, together with a number of private ranches such as Lewa Downs, provide the chance to see Beisa Oryx, the tightly striped Grevy's Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe and gerenuk.
The fauna includes a large number of rare species of large mammals: the ass (Equus hemionus), the dibatag or Clarke's gazelle (Ammodorcas clarkei), the gerenuk or giraffe antelope (Litocranius walleri), and many small dik-dik antelopes (Madoqua).