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small Old World burrowing desert rodent with long soft pale fur and hind legs adapted for leaping

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We have filmed 400 outcomes, with an identical number of outcomes for each gerbil and each result.
We have got 14 gerbils in at the moment," says cattery supervisor Bev Johnson.
War and gerbils compound Afghan leishmaniasis epidemic.
Rats, gerbils and hamsters will be tested there on their attractiveness and playfulness.
The day I left my family of three gerbils running around my bedroom and forgot to shut the door.
More than 550 gerbils have been rescued from a one-bedroom bungalow, the RSPCA said yesterday.
Floral tributes were arranged to spell the words Adios Amigo, Gerbil and G3 RBO - a nod to his private registration plate.
If your child says it's their turn to take the class gerbil home for the holidays, you have a sound excuse to say you're avoiding it like the plague.
Q I AM thinking about getting my daughter a gerbil.
The funky gerbil quarters will include tunnels, platforms, seesaws and mazes.
She asked them to open a wardrobe and found two cages with a hamster and a gerbil in, while another hamster was in a different wardrobe, a large rabbit was hidden in a box behind the wardrobe, and more rabbits were found hidden behind their settee.
GUINNESS, the gerbil who we were assured would die of grief within months of his partner Snowball popping her clogs, is finally gone.
Noah's family (consisting of two mothers, a younger sister, two cats, a gerbil, and some fish) are presented as simply a normal part of his life, and not the central focus of the tale.
JACK HUGHES, ten, of Leeming and Londonderry Primary School: I would like to be a gerbil because they're really small and can run in tunnels.
A new form of art has arrived in the North ( with a gerbil as the star of the show.