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Prices for out-to-please gerbera can rise to seven rupees in the peak wedding season, Nanavare said, but can fall to four rupees in mid-June during the monsoon months when heavy rains and sultry temperatures keep partying subdued.
Gerbera daisies are another excellent choice for fall home decor.
A good-quality, multi-purpose compost is perfect for temporary planting like this, but if you intend to remove any shorterlived or non-hardy plants, such as the gerberas, and replace them with other hardy, seasonal stunners later in the year, you may be better off using a 50-50 mixture of a loam-based compost and a multi-purpose one.
As Cut flowers, gerberas are practically unsurpassed.
Stylist Frances Lynn, laden with armfuls of sunflowers, anemones, gerberas and lilies, got to work on a spectacular spring dress.
A pair of gerberas is used to demonstrate `high energy' and Tricia points at the decoration of a singl e gerbera in a small glass on her coffee table.
I have been studying these gerberas for close to three years now and am spellbound by their health and beauty.
12 Gardens & flowers It's in with the bold as Viv and Nick show how gerberas can brighten up any room.
Last Wednesday, Elton had 18 bunches of 20 roses, together with 50 lilies, 50 gerberas, 10 orchids and 50 peonies as part of the decor for his room.
Next is also offering this ``Noel'' floral bouquet, a mix of roses, gerberas and Christmas foliage.
Ruby red gerberas and even fragrant lilies and roses are abundant.
These surround a terracotta pot (pounds 1) containing double lisianthus, gerberas, crespidias, alchemilla and aspidistra leaves (pounds 70).
It is a co-op of more than 5,000 growers of plants, flowers and shrubs who come together under one roof to market their products - roses, tulips, carnations, chrysanthemums, freesias, gerberas and much more - to the world.
If you're looking for bright, funky flowers to brighten up your home, then gerberas are perfect.
Finally the potted gerberas make a very colourful display.