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any plant of the genus Gerardia

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0 ft) Gerardia and 625 colonies of legal size (10 in) C.
When colonies of Gerardia die and topple, their skeletons accumulate on the seafloor where they slowly decay.
Mortality was calculated as the best fit least squares regression of age class frequency plotted against age for Gerardia sp.
The FWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife program recognized the importance of this work to restoring viable populations of sandplain gerardia and maintaining biodiversity in Maryland.
Burning also encourages the growth of native warm-season grasses and rare serpentine community plants, including sandplain gerardia.
Gerardia is not a single organism but a colony of polyps connected to each other by living tissue.
Further carbon-dating measurements from layers deep inside the corals then revealed the oldest Gerardia samples to be 2742 years old, while the Leiopathes had been growing for a whopping 4265 years.
In 2006, the group reported that a sample of a Gerardia species, one of the gold corals prized for jewelry, had lived around 2,700 years.