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The introduction of oxygeninthe extraction of essential oils of basil, lemongrass and lemon peel lead to a higher amount of oxygenated compounds in the oil, mainly a rise in linalool, camphor, [alpha]-terpineol, neral, geranial, eugenol and [alpha]-muurolol.
The main components found in the essential oils (HD, MWHD) and extracts (SDE, SFE) of Aloysia triphylla, were neral (19-22%) and geranial (33-38%), followed by nerol (2-5%) and geraniol (2-6%), the sesquiterpenoids ar-curcumene (3-4%), bicyclosesquiphellandrene (2-3%), spathulenol (2-4%), nerolidol (ca.
The amount of such oxygenated compounds as linalol, decilic aldehyde, neral and geranial in cold-pressed essential oils was concentrated tenfold when using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction.
Results: Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry results confirmed the presence of nerol, geranial and geraniol as major volatile compounds.
2+] can affect the geranial and neral of Lemon balm and the same response can probably be found in other essential oils that have adapted to local soils or have high requirements for [Cu.
The most effective natural plant-based repellents include oil of lemon eucalyptus, citronella oil, geranial oil.
1 1, 2 neral 1238 t 1, 2 geraniol 1253 t 1, 2 geranial 1267 t 1, 2 bornyl acetate * 1289 t 1, 2 [delta]-elemene 1338 2.
Geraniol (77) was transformed to Z-2-methyl-2-hepten 6-one-1-ol (97), E-2-methyl-2-hepten-6-one-1-ol (98), E-2-methylhepten-6-one-1-ol (99), 7-hydroxy-6-methyl-2-heptanone (100), 3,7-dimethyl-2,6 octadiene-1,8-diol (101), E-3,7-dimethyl-2-octen-1,8-diol (102), p-menth-1-ene-9-ol (103), 2E, 6E, 8 hydroxy-2,6-dimethyl-2,6-octadienol (104), geranial (105), citronellol (8), 2-methyl 2-hepten-6-one (106), 2-methyl-2-hepten-6-ol (107), 2,6 dimethyl-2,7-octadien-1,6 diol (108), 6-hydroxyl-2,6 dimethyl-2,7 octadienol (109), 2,6 dimethyl-octandiol (110), (2Z, 6E)-3,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadien-1,8-diol (111), (Z)-3,7-dimethyl-2-octen-1,8-diol (112) and nerol (74) by using B.
Researchers have revealed that major volatile constituents obtained from the aerial parts of the plant are geranial, linalool, carvacrol, thymol and trans-thujan-4-ol/terpinen-4-ol [2,27,28,29,31,32] The percentage and composition of essential oil could be markedly affected by the geographical environment, places that plants is grown, physical and chemical characteristics of soil, seed source, plant age, parts of plant that which is used for oil isolation and oil isolation method.
Classes of oil components in various fertilizer treatments revealed that oxygenated monoterpenes (rosefuran, linalool, citronellal, isogeranial, rosefuran epoxide, neral, geranial, methyl geranate, geranyl acetate) constituted the highest level of components (73.