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an orienting response to gravity

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This is called a negative geotropic response--compared of course to "normal" root responses to gravity, as in terrestrials, which is called positive geotropism.
A few examples of the diverse topics covered in the volumes include acorn worm, air masses and fronts, animal cancer tests, big bang theory, biophysics, buckwheat, cardiac cycle, dentrification, dragonflies, geotropism, ice age refuges, irrational number, legumes, nuclear winter, oscillations, photocopying, quantum electrodynamics, restoration ecology, set theory, squirrel fish, tartaric acid, tumbleweed, ultraviolet astronomy, weather forecasting, xylotomy, and zodiacal light.
The scientists believe that a mechanism called hydrotropism can actually override geotropism.
In some cases SPSAs were bent into the culture medium and had a positive geotropism.