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of or relating to the heat in the interior of the earth


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MassInnovation, a Fitchburg development company led by Robert Ansin, is converting an old mill in Lawrence into a complex of 600 condominiums as well as shops and business, all of which will be heated geothermally, making it the largest residential geothermal project in the United States.
Another company, Fuji MicroGaia operates on Maui, on a small scale, and in Sweden, using stainless steel tanks, artificial lighting and geothermally produced electricity.
He's using geothermally heated radiant floors, solar hot water heating and rainwater for irrigation, toilets and clothes washers.
Rotorua Airport itself stands on a geothermally active site, with underground temperatures rising above 50[degrees] C in some places--a particularly interesting feature when siting an underground fuel installation
The record company boasts a wind-powered recording studio that is also geothermally heated, built with recycled materials and set within an organic farm in central Minnesota.
Karl plans to generate the power to keep the ice hotel frozen geothermally as well.
On the other hand, those oil-shale deposits that have economic potential for its shale oil and gas yields are geothermally immature and have not been subjected to excessive heating.
The result was great geysers of scalding brine geothermally heated to about 220 degrees and propelled by natural gas pressure.
Groundsource geothermal exchange heating employs plastic tubing plunging 380 feet below ground level to tap a series of geothermally heated wells.
In contrast, plants sampled in geothermally active areas of New Zealand, Hawaii, and around Mount Saint Helens, in Washington State, exhibit more individuality in the concentration ratio to soil-mercury relationship.
External steps and routes are also kept ice-free geothermally.
Geothermally warmed rock under the Vatnajokull ice cap, which covers southeast Iceland, generates smaller jokulhlaups every few years.
But the pool was warm, like new milk, heated for free geothermally.
NEW YORK -- President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson of Iceland, whose country has utilized their significant geothermal resources allowing up to a quarter of all power in the nation to be geothermally produced, will deliver the keynote speech at the 2011 Geothermal Energy Association's annual Geothermal Energy Finance Forum in New York City.
So PS3 and one satisfyingly messy hot dog later, it was time for an early night thanks to geothermally induced tiredness (though the clubbers turning out at 3.