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of or relating to the heat in the interior of the earth


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Indoor air quality to this home is provided via a geothermally conditioned 100% fresh air supply system.
Swimming is popular in Iceland and geothermally heated outdoor pools are widespread.
2] and heat it geothermally to produce "green" energy.
50 and one satisfyingly messy hot dog later, it was time for an early night thanks to geothermally induced tiredness (though the clubbers turning out at 3.
The gold deposit at Lihir is located within the Luise Caldera, an extinct volcanic crater that is geothermally active, and is one of the largest known gold deposits in the world.
Where the sea floor becomes thin, the hot magma below the surface creates a fissure that spews geothermally heated water - reaching temperatures of more than 400 degree C.
However, if the government were to give the same price incentives to geothermally generated electricity that it now gives to photovoltaics, there would be strong incentives for accelerating the development of such systems in the UK even now.
A 26-mile-long underground pipeline installed 12 feet under the landscaping in front of the campus is used to geothermally treat air that is recirculated into the buildings.
At the bottom of ocean basins, often near sites of volcanic or tectonic activity, these hydrothermal vents emit geothermally heated seawater.
Pierce in Bozeman, Montana, conducted detailed fieldwork and broad historical surveys to review past and potential explosions in the geothermally active region in and around Yellowstone Park.
Our aim is to make Perth the first geothermally cooled city.
In the meantime, he has received a grant to turn two simple geothermally heated hot tubs, located outside the hostel and overlooking the surrounding meadows, into five, and his children have been helping him with the development proposals.
Thus, the lift can be reduced, for example, by harvesting and geothermally storing cyclic and diffuse energy and using it out of phase to reduce prime-source energy for heat sink/source purposes.
With this lease, Raser continues to expand its holdings in this geothermally active part of the State," said Richard Clayton, Raser's Executive Vice President.