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Synonyms for tectonic

pertaining to the structure or movement of the earth's crust

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of or pertaining to construction or architecture

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Description and Geotectonic Important of the Alaskan-Type Ma c-Ultrama c Rocks in the Eastern Pontide Magmatic Arc (NE Turkey), PhD Thesis, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon, Turkey (unpublihed)
The Oligocene & Lower Miocene: In the early stages of the Oligocene, there was a turning point in the geotectonic development of the Caucasus.
TERTIARY VOLCANISM IN NORTHWEST OF SAVEH, IRAN, AND ITS GEOTECTONIC SIGNIFICANCE: MOBASHER, Katayoun1, KHALATBARI, Morteza2, HASSANZADEH, Jamshid3, and GHAZI, Mohamad1, (1) Geology, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA 30303, mobasher_katy@yahoo.
The sedimentary cyclicity reflects the cumulative impact of the sedimentation rate, geotectonic movements, and eustatic oscillation: transgression at the beginning and regression at the end of the cycles.
Following an introduction reviewing igneous nomenclature, each chapter addresses a specific compositional category of magmatic rocks, covering definition, mineralogy, eruption/ emplacement processes, textures and crystallization processes, geotectonic distribution, geochemistry, and aspects of magma genesis.
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