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of or having an orbit with a fixed period of 24 hours (although the position in the orbit may not be fixed with respect to the earth)

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satellite manufacturers have captured about 60 percent of the world's market for geosynchronous orbit commercial communications satellites and have been the sole providers of satellites to INTELSAT, the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization.
GSLV- D5 was scheduled to put GSAT- 14, weighing 1,982 kg, into a geosynchronous transfer orbit 213 km above earth 17 minutes into its flight.
Payload capability: 6,100 pounds in geosynchronous orbit.
For early-warning purposes, scientists look to observations from geosynchronous weather satellites, each of which constantly monitors an entire hemisphere and beams data to Earth every 30 minutes or so.
Governor Jerry Brown of California no longer wants us to lower our expectations but to raise them; into geosynchronous orbit, in fact.
A commercial GEO satellite provides commercial services such as television relay and resides in a geosynchronous Earth orbit, which is 36,000 km above the Equator.
The MUOS space segment will consist of a constellation of geosynchronous satellites and the ground segments will include ground stations providing command and control of the satellites, the user network and the ground-based interfaces that provide access to terrestrial telecommunication networks and the Global Information Grid.
The 11,260-pound (5,108 kg) Thuraya satellite was delivered to geosynchronous transfer orbit approximately two hours and 22 minutes after liftoff.
Confined to low-altitude orbits, the shuttle alone is incapable of placing satellites in high, geosynchronous orbits - which means they orbit at the same pace as the planet rotates - fixing them above the same point on Earth's surface.
Ali Atia, head of Orbital's geosynchronous satellite unit, said: "Our team is extremely excited about this new contract win with another of the SES family of satellite companies.
Payload Capability: Up to 47,800 pounds into low-earth orbit; up to 12,700-lb pounds into geosynchronous orbit when launched from Cape Canaveral Air Station, Fla.
This fifth mission for Sea Launch will serve as a milestone for high performance to geosynchronous transfer orbit.