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the branch of geopolitics dealing with strategy

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reaction to China's aggressive and expansive geostrategy in Africa especially during the George W.
First, whatever the historical value of strategic airpower for US geostrategy, technology has steadily eroded and perhaps eliminated that advantage.
Michael Mazza and Gary Schmitt, "Turn Gas into Geostrategy," Wall Street Journal, June 10, 2012, httn://online.
The strategic management of geopolitical interests is geostrategy,1 whereas, geopolitics is a method of foreign policy analysis which seeks to understand, explain and predict international political behavior primarily in terms of geographical variables, such as location, size, climate, topography, demography, natural resources and technological development and potential.
Andrew Gyorgy, "The Geopolitics of War: Total War and Geostrategy," The Journal of Politics 4, 1943, 347-62: 356n.
Analysts said that Kabul granted immunity to American forces in exchange for their help to ensure political stability and strengthen defense capability, however, Washington wanted to keep military presence in Afghanistan out of consideration for anti- terrorism and geostrategy.
As a consequence -- answer to the second question - US has had the opportunity to establish its hegemonic umbrella over a non-independent South Sudan: because of this, on the one hand South Sudan will have to respect US will when coping with oil policies; on the other hand, South Sudan has assumed the role of a US proxy which supports Washington, DC geostrategy to contrast China and sizing local resources.
A British parliamentarian and founder of the discipline of geostrategy, Mackinder formulated his core argument only a few years after Mahan's appeared.
Hugill, The Geostrategy of Global Business: Wal-Mart and Its Historical Forbears, in WAL-MART WORLD: THE WORLD'S BIGGEST CORPORATION IN THE GLOBAL ECONOMY 3 (Stanley D.
He considers the new dangers of a cyberwar when computers and information systems control so much of nuclear deployment systems; examines the relevance of geography and geostrategy in nuclear politics; takes up the question of nuclear abolition, both as urged by activists and scientists as well as pursued in such state policies; reviews the implications of the START agreement between the US and Russia that would reduce both of their nuclear arsenal; and considers the problem posed by a nuclear North Korea.
As China's major security challenges often come from its border areas, China's geostrategy has to regard its neighborhood as the basis for its overall geostrategy.
In an interview with GeoStrategy website, Borde said the logistic support offered by Paris to the gunmen in Syria by means of secret supply of military equipment constitutes an aggression on a state that is a member of the United Nation.
Arch-hawk strategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, former National Security Adviser and key foreign policy architect in Jimmy Carter's administration, also wrote a book on American geostrategy.