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the branch of geopolitics dealing with strategy

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Nayef Al-Rodhan is a neuroscientist, philosopher and geostrategist.
Geostrategists today cannot discount the potential of Southeast Asian states as blithely as Mahan discounted Mexico's a century ago.
The first thing you notice about the much improved Navy Doctrine Library System homepage is an image of Alfred Thayer Mahan, United States Navy rear admiral, geostrategist and historian, who has been called "the most important American strategist of the 19th century" and the father of the "sea power" doctrine which is based on the concept that countries with greater naval power will have greater worldwide reach.
The first truly global geostrategist, Halford Mackinder, described a cyclical clash of land and sea powers through history, a view that coincides with other prominent theories of recurring rivalries, such as the interplay of offensive or defensive technologies or capacities for maneuver or mass that tend to dominate the battlespace in a given era.
Embracing both the explicit observation and the implicit assumptions of early 20th century British geostrategist Sir Halford Mackinder, that any power seeking to dominate the globe requires the ability to dominate the "World Island" of Eurasia, Petersen (director of research at the Henry Jackson Society: Project for Democratic Geopolitics and senior fellow with the Eurasia Center at the Atlantic Council) presents a "21st Century Geopolitical Strategy for Eurasia" that builds upon the ideas of Mackinder, together with ideas of two other influential geostrategic thinkers, George Kennan and Josef Pilsudski (respectively, containment of Russian and Chinese ambitions and fracturing the hold of rival powers over subject nations).
Such was the earth quake that shook the life of the youngster who would later be a globetrotter, Sinologist, diplomat, geostrategist, and one of the key architects of the U.
These proposals may sound attractive to a geostrategist, but none is acceptable to the American people.
Islam in Europe tends to be viewed as not only a recent, but also a foreign and threatening presence," explains Nayef Al-Rodhan, University of Oxford philosopher, neuroscientist and geostrategist.
Mahan, of course, was a noted geostrategist, and he is given his due by Kaplan.
His fulminations come closer to those of a crank than a geostrategist.
After the Arab Spring, the region will never be the same, argues Nayef Al-Rodhan, geostrategist at the University of Oxford.
Gingrich can pretend he's a geostrategist deftly pulling strings; he doesn't have to face the wrath of Iranian security.
The release of the Cooperative Strategy in 2007 reflected a shift in theoretical approach to sea power away from the concept of command of the sea, the linchpin of geostrategist Alfred Thayer Mahan, and toward the notion of constabulary sea control, which was promoted by British historian Sir Julian S.
China is [part of] what the geostrategist MacKinder termed the "the Inner or Marginal Crescent" on the fringe of the Eurasian landmass, with undoubted geostrategic preponderance on the continent.
No doubt, this would have been readily comprehended by the geostrategist Nicholas Spykman, that great Yale Dutchman, who died in 1942.