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the branch of geopolitics dealing with strategy

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Geostrategists today cannot discount the potential of Southeast Asian states as blithely as Mahan discounted Mexico's a century ago.
On the whole, however, the island would seem to justify qualified applause from geostrategists.
The first part provides an overview of the "Visionaries," the original geostrategists.
These proposals may sound attractive to a geostrategist, but none is acceptable to the American people.
The release of the Cooperative Strategy in 2007 reflected a shift in theoretical approach to sea power away from the concept of command of the sea, the linchpin of geostrategist Alfred Thayer Mahan, and toward the notion of constabulary sea control, which was promoted by British historian Sir Julian S.
No doubt, this would have been readily comprehended by the geostrategist Nicholas Spykman, that great Yale Dutchman, who died in 1942.
China is [part of] what the geostrategist MacKinder termed the "the Inner or Marginal Crescent" on the fringe of the Eurasian landmass, with undoubted geostrategic preponderance on the continent.
The term ungoverned spaces favored by geostrategists makes more sense when understood in terms of state failure to respond to street crime, consistent lack of access to judicial recourse and informal dispute resolution, and the absence of education and health care facilities.
When there is no competition for territory, no obvious enemy to conquer or defend against, geostrategists must invent one, for geopolitical analysis is by its nature competitive.
However, US war planners and geostrategists have not given up.
If Western geostrategists had a blind spot with regard to the fourth wall of Russia's enclosure, the potential for change was apparent to others even before World War II.
Western geostrategists from Mahan and Mackinder to Spykman and Brzezinski saw the frozen rivers and seas of the Arctic as completing the containment of Russia.
Rejecting the working assumption of beltway geostrategists that the relevant linkages among Islamists are those between Iran and Sudan or such putatively "terrorist" groups as Hizbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, John Voll argues that what is truly important in contemporary Islamism is the way in which modern communications have enabled moderate Muslim intellectuals and scholarly organizations to interact in a sustained and intensive fashion.
No group was more victimized by American geostrategists in this period than the Hmong tribespeople of Laos.
Attended by some of the world's leading sinologists and geostrategists, it included participation of flag-level leadership from the Chinese PLA Navy and several prominent experts from Chinese think tanks and academic centers.