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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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The interactive lecture featured an insight account of Energy Markets, Geopolitics & the Region.
If those interests help China and Britain step beyond an uncomfortable history of hegemony, then it's a great step forward for global geopolitics.
Mahan's Vision American policymakers in the early twenty-first century would do well to read the relevant works of Mahan who, in addition to writing on naval history and strategy, wrote voluminously about geopolitics and U.
This book on the geopolitics of energy in China and the European Union does, as one might expect, concentrate heavily on policy, but it also addresses other relevant issues that are affected by the global nature of economies and the challenges involved in developing secure oil and alternative energy resources.
He recognizes both the impossibility of putting limits to a local art and a need for, to borrow a term from geopolitics, nation building.
Still, Silliere and other analysts said all signs point to the annual trend being magnified by geopolitics and the current supply-demand imbalance.
professor of geopolitics at the University of Oklahoma, retired Admiral and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Robert E.
He publishes daily 'Morning Notes by Michael Berry', discussing geopolitics and their effect on capital markets.
Topics include: political and cultural roots of Sino-Russian partnership, the Russia-China-US triangle in the post-Cold War era, Russia and the geopolitics of Eurasia in historical perspective, Moscow's evolving perceptions of Russian security in Eurasia and Asia, power differential issues and threat perceptions of China, recent trends in Sino-Russian military relations, the multiple levels of Sino-Russian energy relations, Sino-Japanese competition over Russian oil, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as possible military alliance, Chinese views of the Russia-Georgia conflict and its impact, and the place of the Mongolian state in the Sino-Russian relationship.
Nepal, nation-state in the wilderness; managing state, democracy, and geopolitics.
Unlike McDermott & McGough, who attempt to re-create the past, Ford collapses the past into the present, offering images that are both new and old-summoning an Audubon stiffness while consciously tweaking that convention--and mining subjects pertinent to contemporary environmentalism and geopolitics.
But the film lacks a dispassionate yet informed voice to shed meaningful light on the geopolitics of its subject.
But the source of American policy nevertheless has remained in Washington, and the lodestar has been a combination of domestic politics and geopolitics, not human rights.
His appointment is further proof of our ongoing commitment to our industry-leading role of delivering knowledge and independent analysis on energy markets in particular, geopolitics, industry trends and corporate strategy in general.
The book's readership includes students, scholars, policymakers, and practitioners in geopolitics and natural resources.