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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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Kissinger, the geopolitician and a long student of the great power consensus that lay behind the Congress of Vienna, holds fast to the need for the world's number one and number two to develop a working relationship - or else see the black bean sauce hit the fan.
The conflict between the geographical determinism of Haushofer and other geopoliticians, on the one hand, a determinism often mediated by their attention to cultural and ethnographic factors, and the reductive, deterministic biological racism of Hitler and the most committed of the Nazis, on the other, can hardly be overemphasized, and it was not capable of resolution.
If the book has a shortcoming, it is that Friedman is perhaps a little too much of a geopolitician, and not enough of a social scientist.
German geopolitician Karl Haushofer by exchanging the name "Heartland Theory" with the theory "Vital Space" considered the Turkistan geopolitics basin as a primary region to be captured by Germany.
While accusing the Bush administration of Nazi-like foreign policy, the critics assume that the administration has been following the road of geopolitician Carl Schmitt, one of the leading ideologists of Nazi foreign policy.
pundits who ridiculed him as a "Saddam enabler," a "meddling geopolitician," and one of those obsolete "Euro rulers.
There were a few individual academics involved in the resistance, notably the Munich philosophy professor, Kurt Huber, associated with the 'White Rose' group, the Berlin economics professor, Jens Jessen, and the geopolitician, Albrecht Haushofer, all of whom were executed.
On the contrary, inspired by the works of the Russian classicist and geopolitician Vadim Tsymburski, for whom hubris was a key concept, it places particular emphasis on the idea of limits.
Sloan is a graduate of the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, and a highly respected geopolitician.
After the First World War, the Russian empire having collapsed into civil war, the great British geopolitician and strategist Sir Halford Mackinder traveled to Georgia as British High Commissioner to Southern Russia on behalf of the foreign secretary, Lord Curzon.
Any arms-maker, geopolitician or lobbyist who denies the Armenian genocide ought to be forced to read this book.
LeDonne is a great admirer of Halford MacKinder, the grandfather of the Anglo-American school of geopoliticians and darling of the Russophobes.
And yet there does exist an international criminal law and procedures for its application, and although so far successfully manipulated by the geopoliticians, the endgame of criminal accountability has yet to be played.
Aristotle is quoted by geopoliticians as saying, "The state is natural to man, and man is by nature a member of the state.
23) Alexandr Dugin, one of the better-known Russian geopoliticians, claims that Turkey is the strategic outpost of Atlanticism encroaching upon Russian interests in Central Asia and the Caucasus, and should therefore become an object of relentless positional geopolitical war waged by Russia by means of building an alliance with Iran and Armenia, as well as inciting Kurdish separatism.