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the study of the effects of economic geography on the powers of the state

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Russia between West and East: Geopolitical alignment of Russian elites.
22, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Security Project released a new report analyzing the geopolitical effects of the boom in tight oil production.
I decided, therefore, to create Geopolitical Futures, which will be dedicated to that and nothing else, without distraction.
The answer is that culture provides the context in which many geopolitical factors exist.
KnowledgeView's client base extends over four continents with such names as Dow Jones Newswire, CNN, Geopolitical Information Service, Australian Associated Press, Qatar News Agency, Saudi Research and Marketing Group, Abu Dhabi Media, MarocSoir Group and Deloitte &Touche, to name a few.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday called the Ukrainian army "a NATO legion" that has the geopolitical goal to contain Russia.
The results show growing unease about geopolitical instability and its likely effects on growth.
Stratfor's Robert Kaplan, in books and articles during the past few years, has popularized the works of Halford Mackinder, Nicholas Spykman, Alfred Thayer Mahan, and other classical geopolitical thinkers.
The Treasury, which still owns 25% of the bank, is thought to have scrapped a public sale before May due to stock market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty and the time it would take to launch the public offering.
Traders apparently unaffected by sources of geopolitical jitters
The firm said, 'Russian intervention in the Ukraine during the first quarter of 2014 significantly increased geopolitical tensions in Central and Eastern Europe.
Taken together, these innovations define a new literary form: the geopolitical novel.
This decline is a reaction to geopolitical scene in the Middle East, he explained, and it showed a "relative assurance" over the Russian proposal coupled with indications that the US Congress might be heading towards refusing the military strike during its Wednesday session.