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a perennial plant that propagates by underground bulbs or tubers or corms

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Observations on the feeding habits of the Indian crested porcupine (Hystrix indica) and the distribution of some hemicryptophytes and geophytes in the Negev Desert Highlands.
In terms of life forms, 9% were therophytes, 23% hemicryptophytes, 6% geophytes, 42% chamaephytes, 14% nanophanerophytes, 3% microphanerophytes, and 3% helophytes.
The seeds of all chaparral geophyte species are nonrefractory (Keeley 1991) and, thus, would not be stimulated by fire to germinate; they probably survived the high temperatures in burns because their bulbs, corms, or rhizomes are deeply buried (Keeley 1991).
Dry matter economy and reproduction of a temperate forest spring geophyte, Allium ursinum.
Objective: FlyHigh studies underexplored phytophagous and saprophagous flies and geophyte plants aiming to obtaining ecological and evolutionary data that will be used to elucidate ecological features of fly species that could be exploited for artificial mass production of flies.
The first group is dominated by Petasites hybridus, a semiheliophilous geophyte that finds its optimum conditions on small, steep surfaces and on mineral substrates covered with a thin layer of soil.
Sternbergia clusiana is a typical Mediterranean geophyte found on Mount Meiron, the highest peak in the Upper Galilee, where the mean annual rainfall is 800 mm.
The biological types are: C chamaephyte, G geophyte, H hemicryptophyte, Hy hydrophyte, P phanerophyte, T therophyte.
In early summer there exists another source of nutrients, from ivy litter and the geophyte leaves of Allium ursinum.
After several years, porcupines dig into the depression again to reach the geophyte corms or bulbs which were renewed in the digging after partial consumption of a geophyte, such as Bellevalia eigii or Tulipa systola, etc.
Unfortunately, pedestrian traffic is causing soil compaction, leading to soil erosion especially on shallow soils, particularly in the vicinity of the northern and southern lookouts, where the impact on shallow-soil ephemerals and geophytes is considerable.
2 Meg Megaphanerophytes, Mes Mesophanerophytes, Mic Mierophanerophytes, N Nanophanerophytes, L Linophanerophytes, E Epiphanerophytes, S Succulent phanerophytes, Hph Hemicryptophytes, C Chamae-phytes, G Geophytes, Th Therophytes (Raunkiaer, 1934) Table 2 Leaf form, texture and size of the limestone forest at Mt.
Others are Hemicryptophytes (24%), Phanerophytes (12%), and Geophytes (10%), that is, 54% of Iranian-Toranian plant.