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geology that uses physical principles to study properties of the earth

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Geophysically excited motion of celestial pole, obtained by numerical integration of Eq (2), is compared with the IVS solution of CPO, corrected for Sun-synchronous correction (see above).
The total energy of the Fe-bearing cell with a geophysically relevant iron concentration of 8.
Geophysically, Australia is unique in the world--like Vegemite.
Natural disasters, chronic natural hazards and climate change are geophysically interacting phenomena, as are social, economic and ecological vulnerability and resilience.
1999, Geophysically constrained mantle mass flows and the [sup.
To encompass the greatest variability possible in estuarine habitats, I sampled nursery creeks in two widely separated, geophysically different North Carolina estuarine systems: 1) Pamlico Sound and River and 2) the Cape Fear River (Fig.
When dealing with real geophysically relevant data it should be kept in mind that each measurement does not really give the value of the observable under consideration but that--at least to some extent--the data are contaminated with noise.
Dolyny says Emo has many attributes that make it attractive for the establishment of a biomass waste disposal and recovery operation, including the fact it is geophysically suited for such an operation.
These regions are ubiquitous, geophysically active boundary regions far from equilibrium, with gradients in properties maintained by physical and chemical energy fluxes.
The proposed colossal detector may take more than a decade to make enough observations of neutrino absorption to put geophysically significant constraints on the density structure of the Earth.
Analysis of small-scale structures in the Nankai cores showed that they faithfully recorded the geophysically determined direction of plate convergence.
Outer space, the atmosphere, the oceans, and Antarctica are geophysically and biochemically related to one another, but each has its own history of human relations.
Now researchers from other fields are beginning to examine theories about chemical and dynamic reactions at the boundary that may make this one of the most geophysically active regions in the Earth.
Geophysically South Rampur belongs to a more frequently flooded and fertile areas of the eastern region of Bangladesh.