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geology that uses physical principles to study properties of the earth

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Geophysical surveys help to detect mineralized bodies based on their magnetic, conductive, resistive, radioactive and gravimetric properties.
Two large claims totaling over 10,000 hectares secure an area showing favorable results from Airborne Geophysical Data.
Through Patterson Geophysics, the most experienced geophysical group in the Athabasca Basin, Dejour completed ground TDEM surveys to better delineate some of the 250 line kilometers of significant basement EM conductors defined by Fugro's state of the art deep penetrating GEOTEM 1000 and Megatem II airborne surveys in 2005.
The Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensing Center will use the four new cameras to acquire cadastral imagery for use in land resource information management applications, an essential function when dealing with China's overpopulation crisis.
Zonge Engineering will start the geophysical survey soon and will be in the field for 20 days.
In addition, more than 35 high interest airborne geophysical targets have been identified in a detailed heli-borne geophysical survey covering 20% of the property.
In addition to its drilling activities, Oromin is significantly expanding soil and IP geophysical coverage at a variety of target locations, including a 2.
of Mississauga, Ontario, acting as contractor for Anglo Swiss Resources, is flying the survey with multi-channel electromagnetic and high-sensitivity magnetic sensors recording geophysical measurements approximately every 4 meters along the survey lines.
Detailed sampling was organized within eight local areas that had demonstrated high concentrations of KIM grains, based on the results of sampling in 2004 in areas that also included magnetic or EM anomalies outlined in the recent airborne geophysical interpretation.
In this regard, the widespread presence of kimberlite indicator minerals is to be expected given the presence of ten drill confirmed kimberlite pipes and does not necessarily validate a geophysical target as being kimberlite.
Preliminary indications are that there is an increasing correlation between kimberlite indicator minerals collected from the till samples and magnetic geophysical anomalies interpretated from the very extensive airborne geophysical program conducted in 2005.
Ground geophysical surveys, both magnetic and gravity, were completed over seven airborne magnetic anomalies.
701 metres) that will test geophysical targets generated from the down hole induced polarization survey completed this past summer (see Young-Shannon's press release of August 15, 2005).
The geochemical anomalies are coincident with strong, continuous, ground TEM geophysical anomalies (reported previously, 11 May 2005).