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eating earth, clay, chalk


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1999), leading many researchers studying geophagy to analyze the mineral content of geophagic soils.
Moreover, due to the frequent habits of geophagy and taking objects and hands to their mouth, children are more susceptible to the intake of particulate material containing contaminants and are more severely affected because they have a different distribution and metabolism (Soldin, Hanak, & Soldin, 2003).
Geophagy and its association with geohelminth infection in rural schoolchildren from northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Macroterme geophagy and pregnancy clays in southern Africa.
In La nostra vita, in contrast, we only find a vacuum, a total disconnectedness from one's own source, the triumph of un-reality: a perverse, brainless, virus-induced geophagy.
The practice of eating dirt, or geophagy, is not considered a social norm in Western society, but the custom is quite common in poorer countries, such as Haiti.
Hunter JM Macroterm geophagy and pregnancy clays in Southern Africa.
Roze (2009) hypothesized that Porcupines practice geophagy, possibly to deal with PSMs in their diet.
The court heard that the practice of eating Sikor, known as geophagy, is an ancient tradition that is still widespread in many parts of the world, particularly in Africa and India.
Although several hypotheses regarding the potential benefits that animals obtain from soil eating have been proposed, the two most accepted hypotheses suggest that geophagy (1) may provide minerals not readily available in an herbivorous diet (Kreulen, 1985; Johns and Duquette, 1991; Holdo et al.
Geophagy has been observed in Iran, China, the Indian sub-continent, South East Asia and Africa.
Every night for thousands of years, elephants have scratched away at the ,gages with their tusks and feasted on the mineral--a practice known as geophagy.
Earth-eating, or geophagy, became categorized as one of the many forms of pica, or "the eating of nutritional, nonfood items in a compulsive way"--hence, an "eating disorder" meriting nutritional or psychiatric counseling.
As one with an interest in geophagy (Rowland 2002), I found Chapters 1, 2, 5 and 7 of greatest interest.
This ingestive behavior, called geophagy (or pica), is exhibited by numerous types of predator after ingestion of toxic foods (Kruelen, 1985; Johns, 1990; Klaus et al.