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eating earth, clay, chalk


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We selected six arboreal termite nests on which we observed geophagy by B.
Geophagy and its association with geohelminth infection in rural schoolchildren from northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Geissler PW, Shulman CE, Prince RJ, Mutemi W, Mzani C, Friis H and B Lowe Geophagy, iron status and anaemia among pregnant women on the coast of Kenya.
Henry and Kwong, "Why is Geophagy Treated Like Dirt?
But for wild animals it is common enough that there is even a special word for it: geophagy.
In a practice known as geophagy, the earth is also ingested directly or mixed with water and drunk.
These costs, while modest, together with the recognition that geophagy is an indicator of physiological stress, provide additional justification for maintaining deer populations in the park at ecologically-sound levels.
They include maggots, leeches (a type of segmented worm), and even geophagy or dirt-eating (see sidebar, p.
But she says evidence from an X-ray crystallography study and documentation of human soil eating--a practice known as geophagy -- indicates that, in addition to its nutritional benefits, the primate penchant for soil may have a more medicinal function.
Geophagy, the intentional consumption of soil, has been documented for a wide range of mostly herbivorous mammals, reptiles, and birds (Sokol 1971, Klaus and Schmid 1998, Diamond et al.
21-25) However, geophagy might also protect animals from dietary toxins, (20,26-28) treat ionic imbalance, (22,29) stabilize gut pH, (27,30) reduce intestinal parasitism, (31) and reduce diarrhea.
scientists consider animal geophagy "normal," probably because
Risenhoover and Peterson (1986, 1987) concluded that geophagy is an important source of the Na for moose on the island; Jordan (1987) would, however, argue that the evidence indicates aquatic plants are a more important source for this population; neither of us has conclusive evidence either way.