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the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms

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IUKL can contribute via its proprietary innovations on soil and water modelling systems, river engineering, flood mitigation management, and geomorphology, Roslan added.
Human-induced changes in the geomorphology of the northeastern coast of the Nile delta, Egypt.
On the applications of digital maps of geomorphology system, he said they can be used in scientific and research projects, as well as in geography, environment, construction, development, agriculture, defense logistics, civil defense, and military affairs.
She had created a GeoBioBlitz "event" on the website and, there, participants could upload photos and observations, cataloging their day's experiences and offering an online guide of the area's geomorphology and biodiversity for future visitors.
The Main Themes in the Geology and geomorphology of Almeria; 2.
Lewin, Macklin and their colleagues are members of the British Society for Geomorphology's Wor-king Group on Stormy Geomorphology, who are currently finalising a global analysis of the role geomorphology science can play in an age of extremes.
To produce meaningful research cum data base a detailed and critical description of drainage and tributary net-work was transformed from a purely qualitative to a rigorous quantitative geomorphology.
The geomorphology of different models are offered in the field of changing of earth's crust and includes relatively a large spectrum of the geomorphology subjects in the field of water, water flows, erosion and movements of the surface.
This conference is held only once every four years in different developed countries and continues to be the leading opportunity for students, managers and scientists who use tree-rings (dendrochronology) to present their research on a range of issues, including climate, ecology,, geomorphology, archeology, environmental sciences, conservation and policy to an international audience.
In 2004, the Hydrological Processes magazine had a special edition dedicated to hydrogeomorphology; during the "Fifth International Conference on Geomorphology, there were 14 articles published on the theme "Interaction between geomorphic changes and hydrological circulation.
In geomorphology and regional physic geography a prominent researcher was Cornelia (Stancescu) Grumazescu.
Tectonic geomorphology of the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains (California): Evidence for uplift and basin formation Geomorphology.
In addition, changes to the larger inorganic systems of geomorphology and the atmosphere are assessed.
org), and Dr Gosta Hoffmann, Associate Professor in Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology at the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech), the impact of the 1945 Makran earthquake resulted in a tsunami along the coastlines of the Arabian Sea (Northern Indian Ocean).
Her group of eight scientists, including experts in paleography and geomorphology, zoologists and botanists charted new maps of the archipelago and listed its rare species.