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the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms

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The river basically took decades' worth of its own sediment supply and shoved 90 percent of it out to the river mouth," says Amy East, a USGS geomorphologist in Santa Cruz, Calif.
Despite seeming counterintuitive, placing woody debris in rivers as stable logjams can provide an effective means of managing unstable woody debris that poses a risk to infrastructure," says geomorphologist and leading ELJ expert Tim Abbe of Herrera Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Geomorphology is a specialty of geography, and most geomorphologists have advanced degrees in their specialty.
Geomorphologists have used various combinations of neighborhood functions to extract features such as drainage networks, water-sheds, and other hydrologic features from digital elevation data (Mark 1983; O'Callaghan and Mark 1984; Jenson and Domingue 1988; McCormack et al.
A Putnam County study of a failing landfill in fractured lake clay created a significant amount of discussion between soil scientists and glacial geomorphologists in Ohio.
Part of the process involves soliciting the views of different earth scientists, from meteorologists and hydrologists to geochemists, geomorphologists, and paleontologists.
One of the principal problems currently facing fluvial geomorphologists concerns the nature of meander evolution and migration (i.
Stratigraphy is the name given to the study of sediments and CSIRO geomorphologists Dr Jon Olley and Gary Caitcheon are specialists in this field.
They have also adopted compound names, identifying themselves as cultural, social, behavioral, regional, physical, historical, Marxist, and economic geographers, as well as geomorphologists, climatologists, and human ecologists (Warrick & Reibsame, 1981, pp.
Here we have a rare and successful interpretation of a city's development as seen through the eyes of a group of geographers--climatologists, geomorphologists, biogeographers, economic geographers, urban and historical geographers among others--whose insights are skillfully melded into a highly readable and instructive collection of essays.
Our ecological studies at the Andrews Experimental Forest began in the early 1960s with a concern on the part of our hydrologists and geomorphologists about the effect of timber cutting on floods.
Gravel-Bed Rivers: Processes, Tools, Environments provides an up-to-date report of the state of the field and serves as an essential resource for river engineers and ecologists, geomorphologists, river managers and advanced students in these fields.
In many ways this is what geomorphologists already do, the difference being a dwelling perspective informed by practices of amenagement.
Professor Mark Macklin, Professor Geoff Duller and PhD student Julie Durcan worked with a group of international geologists, geomorphologists, archaeologists and mathematicians to establish what became of the civilisation.
The development and use of these landscapes across the Northern Territory have been widely investigated by both archaeologists and geomorphologists.