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the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms

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Geomorphologists will continue to survey the landscape, watching as new channels and sandbars form in a river still in flux.
At this rate, by 2100 about 80 per cent of the surface of the glacier will be gone," says Ralph Logon, a Swiss geomorphologist and expert on glaciers.
Fourteen thousand years ago, a local geomorphologist informs me, Edmonton was under an ice sheet a mile thick.
Holm is a geomorphologist, or scientist who studies landslides.
His team includes Dr Sean Fitzsimons, a glaciologist and geomorphologist who has led 14 expeditions to the Antarctic Peninsula, Dr Craig Franklin, an evolutionary and environmental physiologist, who has a particular interest in how animals survive and thrive in extreme environments, as well as Paul Sagar, a biologist and expert on seabirds.
A few years after her own revelation, she meets up with geomorphologist John Harper and his amazing documentation, using helicopter and video reconnaissance, of hundreds of clam terrace locations along the B.
Along with Wijsman, the panel includes UC Berkley Professor of Landscape Architecture Kristina Hill and coastal geomorphologist Jeremy Lowe.
According to Norbert Psuty, a coastal geomorphologist with the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences at Rutgers University, deeper in-shore waters means more powerful waves, which move more quickly and retain more energy.
Borzov (1874-1939), the famous geographer and geomorphologist of Moscow State University, stressed in his presentation that geographers have a special reason to praise the Service.
Coastal Geomorphologist at the University of Glasgow, Dr Jim Hanson, said: "When I was asked to investigate the reason for hundreds of boulders piled up inland from 20 meter high cliffs I did not believe waves could be responsible.
A sinkhole in a geological context is a surface depression caused by the subsidence of the ground due to dissolution of a soluble rock [usually limestone, chalk salt or gypsum - ie 'karst' areas] at depth," Dr Andrew Farrant a geologist and karst geomorphologist at British Geological Survey explained to
John and Singer, Kwinter went to trial against the Province of Ontario, armed with the leading expert on sandbars formation, a geomorphologist from the University of Toronto.
University of Michigan geomorphologist and geophysicist Marin Clark wanted to know when this motion will end and why and conducted a study that led to surprising findings that could add a new wrinkle to the well-established theory of plate tectonics - the dominant, unifying theory of geology.