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pertaining to geological structure

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The Evaluation of Different Types of Digital Elevation Models for Geomorphological Applications in Mountain Areas.
Although these (and the other) questions are proving difficult to definitively answer at present, and are not definitively answered here, the discussion is important, both for its geomorphological implications and the consequences for the reef in general.
46) Having rejected either geomorphological or resource-related attributes as a basis for delimitation, the Court drew a boundary based on the geography of the adjacent and opposing coastlines, adjusting it for relevant special circumstances in order to achieve an equitable result.
6) For a discussion of how geomorphological data plays an essential role in archaeological interpretation of Chinatown sites, see Naruta, "Creating Whiteness," 71-138, 214-216.
Wakamatsu, K, (1992), "Evaluation of Liquefaction Susceptibility Based on Detailed Geomorphological Classification", Proc.
2005, Past Human Activity and Geomorphological Change in a Guano-Rich Tropical Cave Mouth: Initial Interpretations of the Late Quaternary Succession in the Great Cave of Niah, Sarawak.
The geomorphological history of the massive parabolic dunes at Van Buren State Park is very similar to the history of those dunes south of Holland (Arbogast et al.
13, scientists at the annual conference of the British Geomorphological Research Group will report that St.
But one cannot underestimate or ignore the importance and uniqueness of the geological and geomorphological characteristics that are present here.
It is difficult to imagine that this territory, whose first impression is sea and mountain, could have so many different climates and contrasting landscapes and such sharply divergent geomorphological processes.
John Pitlick, a fluvial geomorphologist, spoke about hydrological and geomorphological aspects of large river restoration.
Compared with the feverish activities of earlier months, the Busang jungles are calm again as mining workers, drilling machinery and geomorphological maps of the ore in that Far East country's East Kalimantan province have been transported out.
It seemed to hint that the geological or geomorphological characteristics of the seabed and subsoil could provide a test or criterion for defining the shelf and determining to whom it might "belong.
Project tasks include coordination between multiple property owners; environmental, geological, geomorphological assessments and surveys; recording conservation easements; sediment transport; hydrologic and hydraulic modeling; stream and hydraulic design; construction inspection services; and monitoring services.