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pertaining to geological structure

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Dragut; Blaschke (2006) chose to target relatively homogeneous objects at various geomorphological levels using elevation models and plan curvature and vertical curvature.
2009), and geomorphological and geophysical impact analyses (Costa 1987; Xu et al.
Remarkable results, in comparing with geodetic data offer new geomorphological study of risk place in the Boskovice Furrow zone.
The structure of the paper includes a data and method chapter followed by the results obtained where we tried to explain the causes that led to the geomorphological changes in Dambovita's floodplain.
The Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University is researching the income-boosting possibilities of producing climate-resistant tropical fruits, particularly dragon fruit, while the Mindanao University of Science and Technology developed a remote early warning system for floods as well geomorphological risk alleviation measures for watersheds in Cagayan de Oro.
This Wadi is characterised by its magnificent and peculiar geomorphological features due to the severe action of wind erosion on the sedimentary rocks of different resistances.
The geomorphological attributes of these landforms provide evidence that they were formed by the action of liquid water in geologically recent time.
The constant geomorphological and geological progressions, comprised of small seismic movements, volcanic eruptions and erosions, give a chief clue about the birth of these islands.
There are facts and figures about the rates and magnitudes of geological and geomorphological change in this most dynamic of landscapes.
Among the topics are projected future climate changes in the context of geological and geomorphological hazards, evidence from Sicily's Mount Etna for climate change and collapsing volcanoes, multiple effects of ice load changes and associated stress change on magmatic systems, whether El Nino--southern oscillation influences earthquake activity in the eastern tropical Pacific, high-mountain slope failures and recent and future warm extreme events, and a view from the Palaeogene on methane hydrate instability.
This showed primarily a variable amount of silt, sand and gravel, which may have been deposited by a combination of geomorphological processes including aeolian, fluvial or colluvial desert processes.
The New Marske Jurassic plant fossils were on display as part of an All Our Stories project, organised by Tees Valley RIGS (Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites) group.