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pertaining to geological structure

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In spite of the fact that geomorphologic maps continued to evolve during the last century, there was not reached a universally accepted mapping system and there still are differences with regard to the form, content, and cartographic symbols (legend).
This study tried to evaluate tectonics in a wider area, using a number of geomorphologic parameters.
Waele in an article as an introduction into current Karst geomorphologic transformations on the ground and underground--addressed Karst phenomenon so that where dissolution processes in bedrock impose odd and different morphology on ground features, they are controlled by other factors.
The other scenario is related to general geologic mapping of Mars for which a clear separation between geologic and geomorphologic map units must be made.
In this sense, studies indicate that geomorphologic position and the kind of soil affect creation of storm; 7) Although Sistan & Baluchistan maintains the highest figures for the number of storms, duration of storm, occurrence number and regions of critic focal points and the amount of damages, but Yazd is considered at the high.
Congo: Diachronic observations and a GIS inventory of traces of extreme geomorphologic activity.
The geometric average of relevant indices determines values related to other criteria, which ultimately will result in desertification intensity, and class in each geomorphologic work unites of different land use (Agricultural, rangeland, forest, etc).
While we acknowledge that a huge variety of natural and human factors in the field influence this relationship, nevertheless it seems possible to take field measurements in streams in different climatic regimes and geomorphologic settings that would make the critical thresholding more scientific than thresholding at the average.
In this study, geomorphologic parameters of three test micro-watersheds are determined (Table 6) from their DEM using Arc View Spatial Analyst GIS software.
For importance of using stereo image interpretation to recognize the geomorphologic situation and the relation between urban land use and geomorphology, see Table 3).
The legibility and the safety constraints are stronger than the geomorphologic constraint and must be satisfied in order to validate a correction.
In terms of species richness, valleys (wadis) were more diversified per unit area than any other geomorphologic zones.
There have been many attempts to extend GIS data models to represent dynamic geographic phenomena, notably the Spatio-temporal Object Model (Worboys 1994), the Event-based SpatioTemporal Data Model (ESTDM--Peuquet and Duan 1995) and the Object-Oriented geomorphologic data model (OOgeomorph--Raper and Livingstone 1995).
The purpose of the animation was visual comparison of patterns to discover trends in the stability of the geomorphologic objects, taking into account their fuzziness.
No different geomorphologic landforms were especially chosen as the focus was on the use of photogrammetric means for data capture.