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pertaining to geological structure

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The geomorphologic domains, which represent these geomorphons elements, are Mangabeira Chapadas (5) and Cliffs with sedimentary basin substrates, consisting of sedimentary rocks.
Thus, the high amounts of SL index that is unusual in special kinds of rocks, can represent a new geomorphologic activity.
2012--Comparative analysis of Nebkas geomorphologic features of four plant species in West of Lut (East of Shahdad-Takab Plain)--Phys.
Considering the geological and geomorphologic setup geographical position and climatic cycles Pakistan has tremendous wind potential.
A geomorphologic GIS-multivariate analysis approach to delineate environmental units, a case study of La Malinche volcano (central Mexico).
The educative interest of the virtual geologic itineraries: the examples of geomorphologic itineraries on mars and central south Morocco.
Although just a few of the samples taken from archaeological contexts were considered consistent with the context dated due to geomorphologic and climatic processes suffered by the Oukaimeden Valley, we got anyway for the first time, proofs of an old human presence in the High Atlas area, from Late Neolithic to the Bronze Age.
Some important results of her activity were the Geomorphologic map of Romania 1:400.
This site is characterized by a clear segregation, by a small river (Crique Plomb) running along a geological boundary, between two geomorphologic domains representative of the contrast between metamorphosed sediments and a volcanic formation (Figure 1).
No different geomorphologic landforms were especially chosen as the focus was on the use of photogrammetric means for data capture.
The Brajcino-Great Prespa Lake mountain path leads to the Pelister National Park, known for its natural attractions and rarities, such as the Molika pine (Pinus peuce), the numerous endemic animals and plants, and the geomorphologic characteristics, especially the glacial relief in the Alpine zone and the glacial lakes.
Micropolar fluids have been shown to accurately simulate the flow characteristics of polymeric additives, geomorphologic sediments, colloidal suspensions, haematological suspensions, liquid crystals, lubricants etc.
Geomorphologic expression of the Bocono Fault, Venezuelan Andes or geomorphology to a fault: Geol.