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the branch of geology that studies the characteristics and configuration and evolution of rocks and land forms

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1994) added several pitfalls in establishing soil chronofunctions including: (1) insufficient numbers of geomorphic surfaces, (2) subtle variability in parent materials, (3) inappropriate selection of chronofunctions, (4) neglect of differing rates of particular soil forming processes in different horizons, (5) site-specific nature of studies, (6) too short time-spans covered, (7) missing integration of studies into a theoretical context, (8) incorrect interpretation of chronofunctions, (9) use of soil chronofunctions for estimating soil ages despite scatter of data, (10) use of linear chronofunctions where non-linear models would be appropriate.
Geomorphic and sedimentary response of rivers to tectonic deformation: a brief review and critique of a tool for recognizing subtle epeirogenic deformation in modern and ancient settings.
The field scientists' use of different analysis scales for these parameters should inform quantitative modelling and thereby improve geomorphic and soil predictions.
These geomorphic landforms often occur along streams where the intensity of floods is more severe (Baker and Wiley, 2004); these disturbances remove older vegetation (Tabacchi et al.
This introductory text is for second and third-year undergraduate students, as well as for river practitioners who use geomorphic understanding in scientific or management applications.
Both studies underscored the importance of considering various spatial and temporal scales, since it is well known that geomorphic and hydrological processes are scale dependent.
1), the StREAM Lab is used by faculty from multiple disciplines to address hydrologic, geomorphic, biogeochemical, and ecological questions related to the restoration and management of stream systems.
Field observations on hydro dynamic and coastal geomorphic processes off Harilaid Peninsula (Baltic Sea) in winter and spring 2006-2007.
The bedding geometry, thickness, and sequencing of the various lithologies in the bedrock column influence the position, direction, and gradient of cave levels that correlate with some geomorphic features.
In the end, hundreds--and sometimes thousands--of individual detailed photographs become part of a single high-resolution landscape panorama that users can zoom in on to study individual plants, animals, or geomorphic features in the surrounding landscape.
They discuss sustainable decision making in a complex three-dimensional environment of an urban area: the design of an auditable decision process based on multicriteria analysis; a study of small stream invertebrates as an example of integrating fluvial geomorphology and hydrobiology; geomorphic adjustment, geographic context, and disturbances; assessing oil erosion in semi-arid check dam watersheds in southeastern Spain using WEPP erosion prediction model; the impact of tidal energy barrages on estuarine geomorphology; and soils, hydrology, and geomorphology of the Lisa Matthews Memorial Bay in Bamberg, South Carolina.
2008), so emphasis is placed on the geologic and geomorphic record of seismic activity (e.
In saying this, we note that the small size of the site and its geomorphic setting make it unlikely that differential sedimentation or erosion could have created the apparent differences between 'old' and 'younger' sectors of the quarry.
The monitoring stations were divided into six groups representing the different geomorphic compartments of the country.
Chapters 8 to 12 include the analysis of ceramics (Alasdair Brooks; a summary by Brooks & Connah appeared in Antiquity 81 (2007): 133-47), glass (Jean Smith), metal (Rob Tickle), buttons (Sylvia Yates), sewing items (Beryl Connah), clay pipes (Kris Courtney), coins, the faunal material (Catherine Tucker) and geomorphic and sedimentary history (Robert Haworth & Brian Tolagson).