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someone who teaches geometry

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In this analysis, an increase in the fraction of black math teachers indicates an increased likelihood of being matched with a black geometry teacher.
Then again, with a little luck, you may be able to get your geometry teacher to include these topics.
Calzia, who has two adult children, Andrew, 25, and Kelly, 22, will remain on campus as a geometry teacher.
We will feed approximately 1,000 people,'' said Pete Calzia, a Hart geometry teacher and football coach who helps organize the annual event.
And if there has ever lived a kinder ex-military-officer/Olympic equestrian coach/turned high school geometry teacher, nobody I know ever met him.
But in fact most geometry teachers would have difficulty constructing a formal proof.
Geometry teachers usually try to explain the hyperbolic plane via flat models that wildly distort its geometry--making lines look like semicircles, for instance.
Before we landed men on the moon our geometry teachers would tell us the moon was either made of green cheese or it wasn't.
among the geometry teachers in their district, an attempt should be made
Tutorials can now be assessed from anywhere: For example, geometry teachers have developed iMovies demonstrating how complicated geometric figures are drawn and problems solved.
Geometry teachers can use SolidWorks to transform static blackboard drawings into dynamic 3D images that clearly show relationships in space.
Geometry teachers frequently warn their students not to make conclusions based on the appearance of diagrams because they are not necessarily accurate.