geometrid moth

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slender-bodied broad-winged moth whose larvae are called measuring worms

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1974b): Responses of the less sensitive acoustic sense cells in the tympanic organs of some noctuid and geometrid moths.
Veteran entomologists, curator Chris Darling and technician Brad Hubley primarily focus their efforts on geometrid moths and the cicadas of Mulu's forests.
Using high-output mercury vapour lights, white sheets, and trap boxes, Chris and Brad coerce these cicadas and geometrid moths to participate in novel research; as our climate warms, species are predicted to ascend mountains.
Geometrid moths of the world--a catalogue (Lepidoptera, Geometridae).
They are attacked especially by outbreaking geometrid moths, Epirrita autumnata (Bkh.
The most abundant nocturnal visitors were noctuid moths, hawkmoths and geometrid moths.