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Synonyms for geometric

characterized by simple geometric forms in design and decoration

of or relating to or determined by geometry


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We could see another surge where it goes back to primary geometrics and then that will be the next wave.
Duane Crum, vice president and general manager of Conductus' Instrument and Systems Division, stated, "This is the beginning of a relationship between Conductus and Geometrics that seeks to further the development of more advanced geophysical and survey tools with capabilities not currently available to the geophysical market place.
The survey was done on 50 meter spaced lines, run north-south using a GPS controlled Geometrics magnetometer.
Tenders are invited for improvements to geometrics of bijapur sankeshwar road (sh-12) at km no.
On the old imagery, we are working with the new Version 2 matte design tool, XBLUR, geometrics and color correction to lift foreground elements off of their backgrounds and give them a sense of depth through slight differential scaling of the layers, blurring and darkening of the background, and brightening of the foreground.
Amongst these investment projects are the commissioning of a new finishing press and the installation of an automated system for measuring pipe geometrics.
Patterns range from bright florals to whimsical geometrics to shocking solids, and a veritable plethora of hues will be presented for both the formal and casual table.
With upgradation to 4-lane by improvement of geometrics and strengthening overlays in addition to providing bypasses to the built up areas, smooth and safe traffic flow and substantial economic gain (in terms of reduced Vehicle Operating Costs and reduced travel time) would be achieved.
Maberry and Blum agree that geometrics are among some of the more important design motifs.
The core functionality focuses on free-form geometry and patented mechanisms that automatically adjust design geometrics based on intelligent inferences.
The proposed project will provide a better roadway facility to the public with improved safety features, additional roadway capacity, reduced crash potential, improved roadway geometrics to current standards and facilitate traffic flow in the area to relieve congestion.
The 2004 offering includes solids, one of the fastest-growing design segments, in a variety of colors that are strong enough to stand alone and/or to mix and match with more adorned patterns that include fruits, geometrics and bold florals," explained Osgood.