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In 1797 the Italian geometrician Lorenzo Mascheroni has shown that any problem that can be constructed using a straightedge and a compass can be constructed using a compass only.
Theoretical works related to parallel mechanisms, and particularly hexapods, date back to centuries ago, when English and French geometricians were obsessed with polyhedra.
This is precisely the conservatism that has been, in more recent years, eclipsed or expurgated, yet one that has much to say about our situation as it alters in a postmodern setting presided over by self-acclaimed geometricians and enlighteners impervious to the deeper metaphysical needs of civilization, and of the human personality and soul.
From their double nature words often make me think of those complex quantities which geometricians take such pleasure in manipulating.
A sign of what has been said is also the reason why young men become geometricians and mathematicians and wise in such [fields] but do not seem to become prudent.
An anonymous 18th-century critic remarked cruelly: "[This poem would] persuade the stubborn geometricians that the whole isn't always greater than its parts" (See C.
Monsieur's desires and yours, how they should meet in public matters I think no oracle can tell: for as the geometricians say that parallels, because they maintain diverse lines, can never join, so truly, who have in the beginning contrary principles, to bring forth one doctrine, must be some miracle.
And the discovery of this demented irrationality, its integration into the world of the ratio, the universe of a [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] extended by the irrational was in fact the most important realization, revolutionary in the true sense of the word, of the geometricians working in and around Plato's Academy.
If the moral philosophers had as happily discharged their duty" as have the geometricians,
Abraham came from "a learned race of mathematicians and geometricians," Marrant explains, but his Chaldean education was incomplete without the practical wisdom of Masonry:
He suggests that a secret society of 'astronomers, biologists, engineers, metaphysicians, poets, chemists, algebraists, moralists, painters, geometricians .
The metaphysicians are succeeded in turn by the geometricians, the economists, and the ideologists.
Nonetheless, the first generation of theoretical geometricians seemed to pursue their "researches" with more conviction than their descendants, and the older generation's nervy revelation of profound feelings is sometimes diluted with irony or transformed into pure self-absorption by younger practitioners.
20) Elie Freron noticed in his ironic comment about Pergolesi's La serva padrona that "whenever the bouffons have performed, there have been only one or two geometricians, lawyers and publicists [in the audience], and almost no women.