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a mathematician specializing in geometry


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Since early history geometrical constructions using a straightedge and a compass have occupied mathematicians, and in particular geometricians.
Tey are not so behovefull: he that can tell his mony hath Arithmeticke enough: he is a true Geometrician, can measure out a good fortune to himselfe; a perfect astrologer, that can cast the rise and fall of others, and mark their Errant motions to his owne use.
Was it not Africa that gave birth to Euclid, the master geometrician of the world?
You are the precise owner, joy's perfect geometrician,
The Enlightenment thinker, Voltaire (1694-1778), referred to the God of Deism as a "wonderful intelligence" and "good mechanic" who had created a world which operated according to "profound mathematical laws"; he further cited Plato as having called God the "eternal geometrician.
A man might as well," he said, "proclaim that one of his servants became from this day a grammarian, a geometrician, or musician, when he has no idea whatever of the art.
The carpenter creates by measuring, segmenting and rearranging the medium--he is a geometrician dealing with the spatial reality.
Una explicacion, o razonamiento, de este metodo de exposicion lo encontramos en The Accountant and Geometrician de Benjamin Donn (1765):
The 17th-century philosopher, geometrician, and lens grinder Benedictus Spinoza, an apostate Jew who turned scholastic, contested against human freedom.
I have always loved liberty with the enthusiasm which actuates the religious man with the passion of a lover, and with the conviction of a geometrician .
347 BC), a native of Tarentum (the modern Taranto), a town on the coast of Calabria, then in Magna Graecia, was a mathematician, geometrician and astronomer, and 'the author of several ingenious mechanical inventions.
Presumably the God Jean refers to is known by the lower-grade Masons as the Gt Architect alias Grand Geometrician, Supreme Governor of the Universe.
When the geometrician draws a diagram with the most perfect accuracy; when he keeps his eye fixed upon it, while he goes through a long process of reasoning, and demonstrates the relations of the several parts of his figure; he does not consider, that the visible figure presented to his eye, is only the representative of a tangible figure, upon which all his attention is Fixed; he does not consider that these two figures have really different properties; and that what he demonstrates to be true of the one, is not true of the other.
They are not so behoveful: he that can tell his money hath Arithmetick enough: he is a true Geometrician, can measure out good fortune to himself .
Another reason why this example is strange is that here, in his book On the heavens, Aristotle refers to the commensurable diagonal with Olympian calm and not the least surprise, while by contrast in his Metaphysics he speaks of the surprise which the incommensurability of the -- Euclidean -- diagonal evokes among those who are unfamiliar with geometry, while nothing would surprise the geometrician -- [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] -- more than a commensurable diagonal.