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in a geometric fashion


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In contrast to the Brazilian Concretist tradition, which sought synthesis and rationality through geometrically constructed abstractions, Catunda and her colleagues produced works that reconnected with daily life--with its humble narratives, its organic forms, and its ironies.
His partner, Suzanne Bevan, a multimedia artist, had incorporated circuit boards into her furniture designs, often mixing glass with the brightly colored and geometrically patterned circuitry.
Their intervention on Binnenwieringerstraat-which, unlike its colleague, entailed demolition - achieves a particular finesse geometrically.
Brooks, the court made its decision by geometrically dividing the waters in the Gulf of Maine and the Georges Bank, with little regard for attorneys' arguments about currents or other oceanographic, geological and ecological factors critical to fisheries.
As these outlets disappear, dissent migrates to blogs, which are increasing geometrically in number and are simple to set up and operate.
And each element in his uncomplicated yet dense compositions--earthy magenta or umber paper rectangles, translucent overlays of yellow and orange pigment, geometrically apportioned silhouettes of birds, excerpts from handwritten letters--seems to find its place without jostling anything else.
The plan is more geometrically arranged and the roof is one single inclined plane.
Sporting a black-and-white kimono and wide-legged black pants, Yu, 48, displayed colorful and geometrically shaped sushi rolls, Japanese food that many consider an art form.
There's a procedure for computing this polynomial, and there are all these different proofs that it really is attached to a knot type, but nobody understands geometrically what it means," says Birman.
Typically, as the independent overflow is used, the time it takes to locate available space geometrically increases, which increases CPU usage and severely reduces performance.
Something pure, geometrically clear-cut, and graspable was solidifying out of liquid incoherence in the beaker before his eyes.
There are echoes of Eileen Gray in the bent metal fittings and geometrically notched screen, in the industrial tactility of the interior.
These geometrically derived groups are particularly useful for representing physical symmetries.
Pigs is Pigs," written by Ellis Parker Butler, an author and a speaker well known in his time and often billed as "America's Leading Humorist," is a humorous tale in which a bureaucratic stationmaster insists on levying the livestock rate for a shipment of two pet guinea pigs that soon start proliferating geometrically.
In small works matted inside the frame, he shows the storefronts of shuttered shops--closed or for sale--and small, more or less dilapidated summerhouses; doors, windows, and tiled interiors geometrically structure the images and emphasize their composition.