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in a geometric fashion


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For the purpose of this discussion, we will focus on artificially balancing a mold designed having a conventional, geometrically balanced runner system as shown in Figures 1 and 4.
In this paper, a hybrid interpolation scheme for geometrically exact Euler-Bernoulli beams is proposed.
How many geometrically distinct configurations can we make joining four identical cubes only by whole edges?
The mills have geometrically optimized cutting edges combined with slim, concave and tapered necks to provide flexible, high-performance milling for materials from hardened steel to graphite.
The new solid carbide end mills feature a geometrically optimized cutting edge combined with a slim, concave, tapered neck that provides flexible, high-performance milling solutions for various materials, ranging from 66 Rc hardened steel to graphite.
As long as the church's hierarchy continues to condemn all forms of contraception; as long as its official teaching remains that every sexual act must be "open to the possibility of the transmission of life"; as long-as it refuses to acknowledge that overpopulation is a prime factor and very possibly the prime mover of the environmental degradation, including global warming, that threatens to plunge our planet into ecological catastrophe, then that same hierarchy will be forced to approve of feeding those geometrically proliferating mouths by any means necessary, including genetically modified organisms.
The particles are comprised of polymers produced from monomers having different glass transition temperatures, the difference in glass transition temperatures ranging from 50-260[degrees]C, and exhibiting phase segregation between areas of differing glass transition temperature within each particle, such that when the coating is applied to a substrate, the particles form a geometrically ordered array and the coating, when dried, is capable of dissipating frequencies of sound in the range of 400-20,000 Hz, wherein the polymer particles comprise one or more nitrile functional materials, one or more amide functional materials, one or more carbamate functional materials or mixtures thereof and the polymer particles further comprise one or more polyoxyalkylene acrylates.
The architecture of Alberto Campo Baeza is nothing if not formally arresting and geometrically bold.
I'm willing to bet that the prevalence of sex work among gay men--whether loom or escorting, whether as a lark or as a career--is geometrically higher than among straight men.
Geometrically differing plates aid in the presentation of each dish in a comfortable room featuring lacquered tabletops, a backlit glass ceiling painting and an impressive multishelved wine cabinet.
Leathercraft offers swooping arms and square legs on its geometrically correct chair.
The British Victorians were masters of geometrically formal nineteenth century gardening characterized by bright, elegant, seasonal bedding to create lush, exuberant outdoor spaces where they met, played, and dined.
The die process combines highly efficient InGaN materials with a silicon Carbide (SiC) substrate in a geometrically enhanced Epi-down chip structure design to maximize light extraction efficiency.
The silhouettes of the animals, arranged geometrically and in mirror images on the sheet, create an abstract bestiary of shadows that bring to mind the organic shapes of a Rorschach test.
The plate and bushing were geometrically simple while the rocker arm was more complex.