geometric series

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a geometric progression written as a sum

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From this collection of data it can be suggested that the Stochastic normal, Geometric series or Random fraction models best fit the observed abundance distributions for functional feeding group data.
Similar trends were found with regard to the relative abundance distributions of families and FFG: both taxonomic units fitted the stochastic normal and geometric series models best, while FFG also fitted the random fraction model.
Traditionally, geometric series played a key role in the early development of calculus, but today, the geometric series have many key applications in medicine, computational biology, informatics, etc.
In general, a geometric series is the sum of the terms of the geometric sequence:
The geometric series is very useful for converting a binary number into a decimal number.
Applications of Geometric Series and its Formulae The Use of GSF in Medicine Dosage
Since 0 < d < 1, it is well known that, as n approaches infinity, the bracketed term in the above equation becomes an infinite geometric series or
However, as the digital photos grow at geometric series, it will cost a lot to print the photos out, and moreover, the traditional photo frame and photo album are far enough to keep these photos.
He uses examples such as pyramid scams, economic growth, the stock market, auto racing, cost-benefit analysis, reality TV, the electoral college, inflation, Shakespeare's plays, the death penalty, sports competitiveness, Monopoly, blackjack, roulette, astrology, codes, lottery odds, modern financial practices, consumer rip-offs, and cooperative thinking, and uses math to explain geometric series, small-world phenomena, power laws, continuous variables, derivatives, error, statistical methods, correlation, computing, probability, game theory, and other concepts.
Now using the property of geometric series to estimate [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]
The problem is interesting, because there are close relationship between the Smarandache multiplicative sequence and the geometric series.