geometric progression

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(mathematics) a progression in which each term is multiplied by a constant in order to obtain the next term

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From (5), (6) and the properties of the geometric progression we know that the theorem is holds for the Smarandache 4n-digital subsequence.
Undoubtedly, Parkinson's law will take precedence over common sense, the number of staff will expand in a geometric progression, and the final taxpayer liability will be tens of millions of pounds.
Points P and Q, moving along at different rates in Figure 1, PB decreasing in geometric progression while CQ increases in arithmetic progression, would necessarily fall in the jurisdiction of the mathematics of change, namely calculus.
India's energy needs are increasing in a geometric progression as its economy continues to grow rapidly.
124," however, contained "4," a number associated with magic in both West African and Western cultures; and instead of a simple arithmetic progression, each successive number in "124 "doubles the preceding number, creating an open-ended geometric progression (Jeanette K.
This is a classic geometric progression, leading to a classic downward spiral.