geometric mean

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the mean of n numbers expressed as the n-th root of their product

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Several methods of averaging axial forces or pressures have been reported, including arithmetic, integral and geometric mean.
where A and G stands for Arithmetic mean and Geometric mean respectively.
The power exponential mean and Contra Harmonic mean are deduced directly from weighted Arithmetic and Geometric Mean, as follows.
The lowest geometric mean particle size for the orts was in the ration with the highest amount of long hay alfalfa (p<0.
However, geometric mean concentrations in that area did not appear to increase until 11 months after construction, at which time geometric mean concentration was 12 mg/kg.
Since the geometric mean stiffness and the geometric mean creep response were equivalent for both sheet types, it appears that the increase in strength along the CD in a Vortigen sheet is obtained by transferring part of the strength from the machine direction to the cross machine direction.
16) It long predates the BLS decision to switch to a geometric mean formula for computing most of the basic CPIs.
Relative to other regions, overall geometric mean kidney concentrations in moose from the present study are higher than those reported in Newfoundland (mean = 19.
the finer the geometric mean of fiber diameter is, the more uniform the fiber will be.
The geometric mean concentration of pertussis toxin-specific IgG was 8.
An implication of this assumption is that the unilateral price indices should be constructed using a Jevons-style geometric mean method, in which the growth rate of the index equals the growth rate of the ratio of the current period's geometric mean divided by the geometric mean in the previous period.
MAGO/MTF is an approach that combines the magnetothermal insulation of magnetic confinement fusion (MCF) with the implosion heating of inertial confinement fusion (ICF) and operates at a fusion plasma density that is the geometric mean of the 10-12 orders of magnitude in density that separates the two more conventional approaches.
Geometric mean (SE) serum GGT at year 0, (b) U/L Serum carotenoids and tocopherols at year 0 Q1 Q2 Q3 [alpha]-Carotene 18.
The installed virtual on-line analyzers (VOA) run every minute, providing values of MD and CD bending stiffness and consequently the geometric mean, lactic acid and peroxide edge wicking and ply-bond.
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