geometric mean

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the mean of n numbers expressed as the n-th root of their product

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The geometric mean is the second most accurate measure and is only off by about a half a percent, followed by the average base elasticity, which is off by about one percent.
coli geometric mean exceeds the Ontario standard of 100 CFU/100 mL.
Prevalence of detectable (a) samples and geometric mean concentrations of AF-alb and UFB1 in children by village and sampling time.
Since CRS biennial technology including both t and t +1 periods is used, there is no need to use any kind of geometric mean while defining.
Differences in infection intensity between male and female participants in 3 parasitic disease surveys, Hengxian County, China, 1989-2011 * Geometric mean no.
5) Table 2 shows geometric mean titer antibody responses in ACTG participants, ATN participants, and the HIV-negative comparison group.
Monotonicity, for example, is a property only recently proven for the Karcher mean [8, 23], which is a specific instance of a geometric mean for positive definite matrices.
The independence of both sample mass and aspect ratio was examined with geometric mean pressure averaging and is shown in figure 11.
where A and G stands for Arithmetic mean and Geometric mean respectively.
The quantitative impact of the CPI's use of the geometric mean formula also has been grossly overestimated by some.
Interestingly, the geometric mean creep response (Figure 5) for both sample types are the same in both the constant and cyclic regimes.
After booster, lower antibody geometric mean concentrations persisted in the prophylactic group for antitetanus, protein D and all pneumococcal serotypes apart from 19F.
The geometric mean of plasma MMA and the prevalence of raised MMA in our population were low compared to those in other published studies (3, 10, 30, 31).
But Geometric Mean Concentrations -- a measure of the immune system's response to a vaccine -- were significantly lower in the paracetamol group than in the other group.
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