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Synonyms for geometric

characterized by simple geometric forms in design and decoration

of or relating to or determined by geometry


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So it's no surprise that geometric patterns are once again giving a contemporary edge to design and finding a place at the heart of our homes.
In addition, improved geometric optimization functionality allows planners to produce data rich, realistic graphics for client and public consultations.
Part of their IV Collection Barnbey Gates Horse Trellis is a geometric print featuring rearing horses linked by triple bars, Honeybee is a geometric honeycomb interspersed with bees, created using the traditional surface print technique for a hand-stamped finish.
Extreme geometric features might cycle around and around, without the whole space ever growing uniform.
Another class of geometric design features that can cause undercuts are the cross-sectional area of the part.
Among components of the knowledge base, two parts include (1) geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and (2) the overall inspection process.
Thomson Financial/Vestek, a pioneer in investment technology and analytics, today introduced a new, fully geometric mathematical algorithm for performance attribution.
Analyze and represent solutions using geometric relationships (e.
From Busino's account the main masque dance was based on geometric figures, and the dances he named for the revels, the passamezzo, corrente, canario, and spagnoletta are all found in the Italian manuals of Caroso and Negri.
While his Parisian contemporaries were steeping themselves in the promiscuous experiments of jazz, dadaist art and cafe society, Weston was photographing geometric ruins, playing with space and perspective in compacted images of skies and tree trunks, and shooting children's toys with a reverence befitting a Renaissance cathedral.
Beginning in January 1999, a new geometric mean formula will replace the current Laspeyres formula in calculating most basic components of the Consumer Price Index; the new formula will better account for the economic substitution behavior of consumers
The geometric progressions of the choreography resonated in the design of a silver bridge that bisected the back of the stage.
MUMBAI, India -- Geometric Limited (BSE:532312) (NSE:GEOMETRIC), a leader in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions and technologies, today announced a strategic partnership with the Wonderware business unit of Invensys, a leading global supplier of industrial automation and information software solutions.
Geometric has been collaborating with Volvo Cars for their global engineering and manufacturing needs since 2010, and has now extended its application maintenance services (AMS) engagement to include additional CAD and PLM applications for new product development and manufacturing engineering.