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divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)

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35) Similarly, the geomantic intent discerned by Proudfoot provides the best explanation that I have come across so far for Griffin's somewhat bizarre and decidedly unecological Coloured Hills scheme, whereby Mt Ainslie was to be planted out with yellow-flowering plants, such as broom and acacias, Red Hill with red-flowering plants, such as callistemon, Mugga Mugga with white-flowering plants, such as Eucalyptus cinerea, and Black Mountain, with pink and white flowering plants, such as Japanese peaches, plums, cherries and almonds.
However, in the following verse, Guo's "at the seventh try, the butt of the geomancy game is fucked" is closer to the original than "on the seventh geomantic divination there will be a reversal.
Yi-fu Tuan, more recently, made a note of a cerebral impact reflected in geomantic myth in the East, as a projection of generic pattern of parts reflected in a larger whole within the environment (Tuan 2001: 100).
4 million have been released for the establishment of Geomantic Center for Climate Change and Sustainable Development (2012-15).
The Yoruba systems of divination (Ifa) geomantic systems are enshrined in symbols and symbolic messages.
In urban and suburban areas, some of these remnant forests near villages or graveyards have been well protected by local residents, benefitting from the geomantic culture of China (Yuan and Liu 2009; Hu et al.
ICOMOS is known to have highly regarded the site's unique architectural and landscape forms reflecting Confucian and geomantic traditions, as well as the related funereal rituals that have been handed down from those times to the present day as a form of intangible cultural heritage.
A geomantic model for the interpretation of Mesoamerican sites: an essay in cross-cultural comparison, in E.
of Auckland, New Zealand) explores the nature of geomantic principles and their applications in Korean culture.