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divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)

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The ministry is seeking an allocation of Rs18 million for the Geomantic Centre which had been designed to collect carbon emissions and sinks data at the national level.
In the first and most colourful story lineage head Nguyen Thac Sung told me about his family, ancestor Bac serves mainly as a prop to make a double introduction: first to the prophecy, read from the hidden geomantic properties of the land, and second to Princess Ngoc Long.
Guntram Hazod has written the second part of the book comparing the notions found in ancient sources on the historical, geographical, geomantic, social, mythological and legendary context with the ground realities.
As Proudfoot demonstrates, moreover, the geometric shaping and compass-point alignment of the Canberra plan, with its precise axial arrangement of triangles, squares and circles, clearly exemplifies the kind of geomantic design principles outlined by Bragdon in his book The Beautiful Necessity: Architecture as Frozen Musics; Seven Essays on Theosophy and Architecture of 1910, as well as echoing the axial orientation of those ancient Greek and Egyptian temples and European megaliths that were being researched by archaeologists at this time.
The basic idea is that a good geomantic site will fill the distant ancestors with peace in their grave and that they will thus do everything to help their family; houses or towns existing by their good influence bring a happy life to their inhabitants, who, on the other hand, will suffer nothing but misfortune and poverty if the architecture does not obey the correct rules.
But the important high administrator Ni Yuanlu took the contrary view that mining is not beneficial--he emphasized that mining requires great sums of money, and consequently involves economic risks; that it injures the landscape and desecrates grave sites; that it has adverse effects on the geomantic patterns (employed in divination) of the countryside; that excessive tax increases are levied by mining officials; and that the mines encourage banditry.
Similarly, Peter Dawkins has studied many ancient philosophies and beliefs to help create Zoence - a modern development and interpretation of early cosmological and geomantic science and art.
Quite understandably, both the Marine Corps and the Air Force wish to pass on their legacies to future generations by drawing upon the geomantic power of Washington, D.
In turn, the family hired Tho, a drunkard and petty thief, to exhume the body of Vu Dinh Phuc's father, an act of enormously negative geomantic dimensions.
The concept of FengShui, which is a geomantic system by which orientation of sites are determined in pursuance of harmonic relationships with the cosmic forces.
She reads the basic structure of the theatrical event within its ancient geomantic symbolism and adds that this would further emphasize the metaphysical dimension of the theatrical experience, beyond its setting as a religious/ritual event (p.
Jawed Ali Khan DG Env highlighted the Geomantic Projects of the Ministry of Environment.
Accordingly, Father Leopold Cadiere, who had considerable anthropological expertise in the culture of central Vietnam, thought that the massive building standing in front of Hue citadel which houses the watchtower and flagpole had no real military importance, but was actually a second geomantic 'screen'--the first one being a hill south of Hue--blocking the entrance of the citadel and the palace to reinforce their spiritual defences.
This included everything from learning to write, to mastering the proper patterns of behaviour recorded in the classics, to discovering the geomantic principles of the land.
After all, unlike the agricultural Lao, the Hmong, and to a lesser extent the Khmu, enjoy a special ontological, cosmological and geomantic relationship with the forest.