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divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)

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In this respect, Formal Religion is the more sacred, with holy practices and commandments among faithful adherents, while Informal Religion allows practitioners to experiment different forms of new-age spirituality from yoga to geomancy.
It speaks of the recent revival of feng shui in its country of origin, with property developers in southern China now following the trend begun by "fellow Chinese in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and elsewhere" in consulting with geomancy experts to site and design their new, modern buildings and interiors.
Ordinary people relied on native religions such as shamanism, geomancy and fortune-telling more than Confucianism for spiritual life.
It is highly recommended to all who have an interest in traditional South Asian architecture, geomancy, and domestic ritual and provides much useful data to those interested in the relationship between sastra and practice.
Accordingly, it can be maintained that the knowledge obtained through geomancy, witchcraft or telepathy lacks reasoning and rationality because they are not established and regular methods of obtaining knowledge and are regarded as abnormal and unusual ways of data collection.
A Ulyssean journey through the labyrinths of archaeoastronomy, geodesy and philosophy, Entelechy is a documentary investigating the ancient and indigenous calendar systems, the meanings of time and space, mathematics, calculating systems and geometry, maritime skills, as well as geomancy and urban planning.
Ancestor veneration and the Daoist rituals of consulting almanacs, geomancy, horoscopes and spirit mediums are seasoned with ethnic flavour.
The most common methods involve coffee cups, tarot cards, numerology, geomancy, astrology, palm reading or psychic insight.
They address a variety of themes ranging from ritual magic to astrology, and they may take either the form of moralistic attacks on superstition or philosophical criticism of complex divinatory techniques such as geomancy and judicial astrology.
Feng shui master and founder of the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences Professor Master David Koh said that people should not put their money on the world ending on Dec.
Another layer of meaning is imposed by geomancy, or feng shui, which even modern-day laowai recognize as a construct for analyzing and organizing the environment around us.
Kyoto, the old capital city, was laid out on a grid, according to some general principles of Chinese geomancy.
In Part Three, "German Geomancy," Ward reaches back to previous eras of urban planning and building booms, namely Weimar and Nazi Germany, before considering the rush to build and fill space left empty by the dismantling of the Berlin Wall.
It is by means of centers such as those referred to in the Lucidario or the Cordoban Virgil (with their professorships in natural philosophy, astrology, necromancy, geomancy .
It's a good day from a Chinese geomancy perspective, not just because of the numbers 11/11/11 which signify eternal love," said Mak, an author and television personality.