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divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)

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It is highly recommended to all who have an interest in traditional South Asian architecture, geomancy, and domestic ritual and provides much useful data to those interested in the relationship between sastra and practice.
The masses believe in astrology, almanacs, dream interpretations, geomancy, witchcraft.
Kyoto, the old capital city, was laid out on a grid, according to some general principles of Chinese geomancy.
This second biggest French urban agglomeration is located where the Saone river flows into the Rhone river and at the foot of the "Monts d'Or" (golden hills)--a perfect site for creative energy according to the Feng Shui principles of Chinese geomancy.
In the past I had often translated this as 'sighting the veins of the dragon' because 'long' in Chinese means 'dragon' and all through Yunnan province where the Hmong use a lot of the local Yunnan dialect (and for the Yunnanese traders in Laos and Thailand who used to have close contacts with Hmong), longmai means geomancy or the 'veins of the dragon' in the landscape.
divination and geomancy, but Yoni and Linga not 5) none of Yin and Yang
However, masters of the ancient Chinese art of geomancy convinced the wheel's management to reverse it so that it was not taking fortune away from the city.
In addition to his handbuilt works such as the Geomancy Stone, Bai returned to the theme of nature during his visit to campus by demonstrating his painted landscapes on pre-fabricated porcelain tiles, which were then fired in the student kilns.
Style is the man when the man himself is a stylus--as in geomancy, when one's body becomes a seismic needle for registering, in ink or sand or some other substance, the signals of the cosmos.
The portals follow the principle of geomancy by having a main gate to the south, an eastern gate known as 'the gate of life' for marriage ceremonies, and a western gate known as 'the gate of death' for funerals.
Feng-shui, or Chinese geomancy, is the art of placing the abode of the dead and the living in harmony with the surroundings.
After O Royne de misericorde he meets Avarice urging him to worship her idol and abandon his staff, he debates with various practitioners of superstition and magic; and then encounters Heresy and her father Satan (in this faith-centred world-view it is heresy that is the next step to Satan, rather than pride or some other sin), escaping by making the sign of the Cross and leaping into the sea; but after ABC prayer the tempests calm and he then encounters another set of sins presented as false religions: Astrology, Geomancy, Sorcery, Idolatry, Conspiracy, etc.
Educated in the United States and Latin America, Villegas-Lovera practices a form of feng shui known as Tibetan geomancy, which draws from both the form school and the compass school of feng shui, as well as from Chinese astrology.
Goh Chuen Meng, Director of Hui Master International Geomancy Pte Ltd is grateful for his family, friends and business associates' participation on his journey.