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divination by means of signs connected with the earth (as points taken at random or the arrangement of particles thrown down at random or from the configuration of a region and its relation to another)

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In a slightly different instrument, instead of this representation there was a magnetic spoon that turned to point its handle to the south, which makes this arrangement the direct forerunner of the compass used by geomancers, then, in a slightly different version, by sailors (from the late 13th century).
Some use a hundred stratagems throughout their lives without ever having any success; others are duped by the geomancers and eventually ruined because of burials.
Furthermore, around two-thirds of incidents in which geomancers are consulted involve cases of 'misfortune' and money problems.
Finally, the art of the geomancer, who was not always highly literate, is based on skill at spinning an oral discourse, which by definition eludes written description.
The geomancer (more often than not 'the possessor of recipes', a sort of wise man who had quite a lowly social status), in order to determine the right position for a grave or habitation, had several methods at his disposal according to the school to which he belonged:
teachers of the spectral art that comprises monsters, omens, displays, prodigies, and such similar, prognosticators or natural presagers, teachers of oracles, sorcerers and especially those drawing lots, interpreters of dreams, physiognomists, metoposcopists, pyromaniacs, hydromancers, aeromancers, geomancers, chiromancers, and such similar.
Far more important than merchants and military men, according to Needham, were the fleet's astronomers, geomancers, physicians, and naturalists.
Chinese geomancers blamed the problems on construction work upsetting the hallowed ground in too many places at the site.
Geomancers (as demonstrated by Suzanne Preston Blier) play plural roles as:
This normally creates chaos that sends people fleeing into their houses while the strong geomancers carrying live chickens search for it.
The geomancer captures the collective fears, wishes, and imagination of the community and encapsulates them into a concept.
Already one group - called geomancers - believe they helped produce the scorching record sunshine Ireland enjoyed last summer.
The geomancers are like lobbyists for Chinese dragons and other spirits, and they know what can get them riled.
Smart' contractors in Hong Kong always seek the advice of Chinese geomancers, who seem to know all the right moves for attracting the good spirits and avoiding the bad.
Prosperity will dawn towards the year-end, and hard efforts will eventually be handsomely rewarded," say the quintet of geomancers.