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one who practices geomancy

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In sentencing the geomancer to jail, Justice Andrew Macrae said Mr Chan forged a document to make it appear that he is the sole heir of Ms Wang, whose wealth is estimated at $4 billion.
It was thus the tradition in India, before proceeding with the construction of houses, for a geomancer to locate the position of the underground naga, at the head of which a foundation was sunk for the center of the building.
Along the way, the reader encounters a colorful cast of characters - Aw Aw, Toon, Captain Illinois, Van Os, Gina de Beer, Plankaert, and the geomancer, Bouc Bel Air.
And according to some astrologers and geomancers, the Dragon may bring natural disasters and financial volatility to an already destabilised world.
A final section on ritual competition and multiple declarations of modernity explores the ritual specialists perceived by the Nationalists as living embodiments of superstition--fortune-tellers, geomancers, spirit mediums, makers of spirit money--and the Nationalists' attempt to create a secularist "affective regime" to replace religion.
Throughout Chinese history, Daoists and geomancers record that tampering with the truth of nature is inevitably disastrous.
Hardy said geomancers would be consulted to set an auspicious date for the grand opening, which had been said to be October next year to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first Disneyland.
Here you get the best and most breathtaking view of Hong Kong's Central area, where the skyscrapers, shaped and designed with the curious combination of high city finance and ancient Feng Shui geomancers.
teachers of the spectral art that comprises monsters, omens, displays, prodigies, and such similar, prognosticators or natural presagers, teachers of oracles, sorcerers and especially those drawing lots, interpreters of dreams, physiognomists, metoposcopists, pyromaniacs, hydromancers, aeromancers, geomancers, chiromancers, and such similar.
Chinese geomancers blamed the problems on construction work upsetting the hallowed ground in too many places at the site.
Already one group - called geomancers - believe they helped produce the scorching record sunshine Ireland enjoyed last summer.
The geomancers are like lobbyists for Chinese dragons and other spirits, and they know what can get them riled.