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The ministry of mines is now looking into a complaint alleging that the Sindesar Khurd mining development project, which was at an advanced stage of planning for production with a whopping 81 million tonnes of geologically proven ore reserves of zinc, lead and silver clearly indicated in the previous balance sheets of the company, was not considered in the valuation of Hindustan Zinc Ltd ( HZL) during the initial stake sale to Anil Agarwal- run Sterlite Opportunities and Ventures Ltd ( SOVL).
Dr Smrekar and her colleagues targeted three regions that geologically resemble Hawaii, well known for its active volcanism.
The pay zone in this well came in eleven feet geologically high to the Carothers #1-20 well and the zone is twice as developed with a thickness of 22 feet.
If so, the region could be passing through a geologically short period of activity, lasting roughly 100,000 years, when the rates of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions exceed the long-term average over millions of years.
On December 14, 2004, Storm Cat announced entering into an Exploration Contract with the Petroleum Authority of Mongolia, comprising 5,536,893 acres of land, of which over 500,000 acres include geologically mapped coal deposits.
Moreover, Callisto, like Earth's moon, is thought to have been geologically dead for more than 3 billion years.
The staged progress at each of the Company's projects fits well with the business plan of developing a pipeline of projects in diverse, geologically and politically permissible jurisdictions with high potential for rapid development.
In geologically younger regions, faults don't extend into the lower crust because the warm rock there bends rather than breaks.
The HC property is interpreted to be geologically analogous to the Rain deposit of Nevada's prolific Carlin Trend.
Within that geologically short period, whales must have evolved the specialized kidneys that enable them to drink saltwater, the researchers conclude in the May 30 Nature.
The placer bench leases staked by the company are located upstream from the area being explored by competitor Boulder Mining Corporation, and cover a geologically similar target.
Transeuro believes that the area is geologically similar to other concessions in the Papuan Fold Belt, which have proven reserves in place totaling 15 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and present daily production of approximately 50,000 barrels of sweet crude oil.
Seeing a large amount of carbon dioxide coming out in a geologically sudden event gives us a reason to at least start paying more attention to the so-called dormant volcano and make sure there aren't other indications that are suggesting it's ready to go into a new phase of activity," says Farrar.
1 Well to the Southeast, which has been closely studied because of its proximity and similar structural features, as well as Hycarbex's own geophysical analysis of its seismic data which indicates a geologically favorable anticlinal fold with four way dip closure on Hycarbex's target structure.
In the April Geology, they compared how many genera appeared near rising mountains, as opposed to those located in geologically quiet regions.